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Counter-mounting Cheap Canvas


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Founding Member
Jul 30, 1997
Leawood, Kansas USA
Been awhile since I did this. I have an inexpensive canvas which won't stretch properly. I have permission to mount it. I'll MightyMuck it to 1/2" f/c but must I use a like material for the counter-mount or may I use a matboard?

If you don't have Gator, try Crack paper first.
It's not all about same material, it's mostly about the amount of moisture that was taken up.

The gator doesn't absorb any moisture because of the clay face, so it doesn't warp...usually.
I'll bite: what is Crack paper?? I was thinking of just kraft paper but that isn't what you mean, is it??
And this thing is not a joy to behold: it waves and ripples all over itself. I'll have to put it in a press just to keep it flat. yuk
It's the stuff you wrap your crack pipe with so you don't burn your fingers!!
Kraft paper.... because it is ubiquitous as Crack.

Only, these days it's not so prevelent so I can see where I may have Meth-ed up.

You have my deepest heart felt sympahies.... I did one of those $*)*^!@__^%&^% last week.

They seem to "get around".
Countermounting is always wise, when mounting is
called for. Hinging paste can be used for mounting
the canvas, it is cheap and free of commercial
additives and will hold well, when dry. One can
cook up a big batch and roll it out and weight
the item in place. Two ply board could be used
as the countermounting material, since it is roughly as thick as the canvas, but more canvas
would be best.