Counter Mount Later??


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Jul 30, 1997
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Can you countermount at a later time? I'm dm'ing some maps on 1/2" f/c. If they bow later, can I countermount and straighten them back up?

(Just don't want the extra work unless needed.)
Use gatorboard the first time and they won't bow. Would eliminate extra work later.

my 2 cents!
Yes, you can flatten the bowed pieces in the press and countermount later.
Q: Are you laminating or putting behind glazing?
Too late: I have all the f/c.
These are just section maps of the world. There are ten of them 30 x 36, three 35 x 55. They will be used for sticking in pushpins of where the family has been as well as highlighting trouble spots around the globe, etc. No glazing or lamination requested.

Thanx for the countermount tip: glad I can do it. These are for our daughter so if it doesn't look great, she's just a guinea pig...and she's happy to be one.
I knew there'd be one wisecrack on that troubled spot comment.
Merp (daughter) and I have been all around the globe but her husband won't let us go too close to the problem areas. Yet.

May yet do that metal, Jerry. I think she's worried that ActiveAndrew, aged 2-1/2, may pull one down on himself. Could use security hangers, I guess.