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Grumbler in Training
Mar 7, 2002
Jackson, MS
We are making a bulletin board for a client out of 1/8" rolled cork. My question is: What is the best backing to glue the cork to? Any suggestions will be helpful.

Waltman Originals
Jackson, MS
As a part time carpenter with Local #24, a good adhesive used for f.r.p ( fiber reinforced plastic), the plastic walls you see in restrooms would be excellent. You need a serrated trowel with about 1/16 inch square grooves for spreading the adhesive. Spread on one surface and stick it. Try a Home Depot or Lowes for the material.
We've been doing bulletin boards like crazy for customers for the past year or so.

How large of a bulletin board? Do they want the cork to show, or will it be covered with a fabric of some sort?

We've had great success with vacuum mounting the cork to regular 1/4" foam board. It stays down well and still grabs the pins and holds them securely. I run them through the press for several minutes rather than just the usual 3 minutes.
We used to use a grey insulating board from the building centers. I believe the brand name is Homosote. It makes a very serviceable bulletin board when covered with fabric - even without the cork.

I am nearly certain it's NOT acid-free, though framers have been known to stretch needlework over it.

Not THIS framer, of course.

Being very much out of character, Ron was making a funny! :D

Depending upon the size, I find mounting to standard foam centered boards will work, but has a tendency to bow slightly. For this reason, we prefer to dry or wet mount to Gatorboard.

Are you kidding, <font size=7>John?</font>

You never know when those clippings and snapshots stuck up there with thumbtacks might become priceless heirlooms.

Which reminds me - I'd also recommend stainless steel thumbtacks.

Sorry. I'll behave for the rest of the day.
Sooooo, where does one find acid free cork? Is it original or a copy? Is it from old growth trees? Should you be dry mounting it? What will it be worth in a few years? Can it come into contact with the rabbet or do you need to seal the frame? What kind of glazing can you use on cork? How far do you space it from the glazing? Is it signed on the front or the back? What kind of backing paper should be used? Wire, d-rings or WallBuddies? Brown plastic bump-on's or clear ones? Will it be placed on an inside or outside wall? Over a fireplace or in a bathroom? Should you REALLY be framing it? Perhaps it belongs in a lead lined, halon filled crypt. Have you checked the expiration date? Does it comply with the FCC, FTC, FAA, FEMA or the NRA? Taxes are the responsibility of the winner. Sit up straight. Don't throw things in the house. Wait until your father gets home. DO NOT back up! Do not expose to moisture. Do not pass GO. Do not collect $200. Do not eat! Removal of this sticker will void warranty. Are we there yet? Shake well before using. Unit will not operate with batteries reversed. See diagram. Some assembly required. Batteries not included. Do not operate heavy machinery. Where do you think you're going without a coat? Look before backing up. Make sure safety cover is in place before turning on power. Unexpected discharge can cause blindness. Your mileage may vary. This station will now conduct a test of the Emergency Broadcast System. This is only a test.………..........


(haven’t had much sleep)