cordless 5" picture light


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Mar 10, 2004
I have a customer who is looking for an "inexpensive" picture light - would prefer 5", but could possibly use 6" to 7". From the sources I usually purchase from, I cannot find anything that is cordless. I have found some on-line (but not wholesale) but they're more expensive than the customer wants. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks!
Hobby Hill has 8" cordless, if you need just one email me and I can sell one to you, I have about 8-9 in stock.
From a thread last July:

Concept Picture Lights
Mr. Murari Sharma
his email is
Mr. Sharma provided a couple of samples of these lights, and from the looks of them, they might be just what you want.
Some of the earlier models had short battery life or required rechargeable. These use "C" batteries and this model has a 24 battery life.
Wally, I appreciate your input - The Concept lights would work; but they want me to order a minimum of 12 to get wholesale pricing - I'm a small store in a very small town and there's just no way I can afford that many. So I'm still looking.