cool product for displays

J Phipps TN

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jul 14, 2004
Kingsport TN
At my daughters school I noticed that the teacher was hanging posters form the ceiling, with this cool hook that hangs from the drop ceiling tile grids.

These have strings with small clothes pins on the end. You can adjust the lenth of the string and you can even get a thing to hang them from the floor so there is no need for a latter.

I ordered some and they are great. Mike had asked ealier about ideas for his windows, These made a huge difference in the look of my displays. I can hang things with out tape and other junk I used to use.

I just finished a window display with Antigue Arciticture prints that are shrink wrapped and setting all around and I was able to hang some. I also put sticks of different black mouldings just leaning for a little texture. I think it looks great and not alot of effort. (no climbing)

Anyway, the name of the product is "Grid Clips" and they come in a kit and you can also buy the thing to put it up with called (beleive it or not) "Grid Clip Put-er up-er".

They are in the school supply magazine called "Really Good Stuff".

I just thought if there was anyone else out there who had never heard of these, it would be a really good thing for you to try.

:D JEnnifer
Where can I view this great product, is there a web site and if not, where can I buy this item?
We've thought of stuff like that - but do they really sway around a lot?

We wouldn't want them to set off our motion sensors at night.