Cool - Finally


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jun 23, 2002
Finally hooked up hifi-link for music from the PC to my receiver.

USB to RCA - from

I'm paying for the DSL - may as well take full advantage.

Works incredibly well.

Now Less can really enjoy Internet radio.

What the **** took Less so long?

Hmmmm? what's next?
What's next? I would say running a program on the PC that automatically records the streaming music to MP3 files and catalogs them by Artist and Genre..
Whoa!! Sign me up! My friends are getting tired of me rummaging through their CD library.

Over a few Coronas, we figured that about 5 Terabits of harddrive should just about do it.
They have a shelving system - floor to ceiling 128'long FULL. They used to work for a music retailer..... :D
Steve is pulling our collective legs, I think.

It sound awful like the free version of iTunes – free to all Macintosh users that is. :D