Convex prints


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Nov 19, 2003
Orange County, CA
I hope someone can help me find a solution for one of my favorite customers ...

This customer has an existing oval frame with a convex glass. She wants to replace the original photo with a different one of her family from years gone by. Ideally she wants to have the family photo printed in the same "domed" fashion so that it fits with the convex glass. The size of the oval is 19.3/4" x 13.3/4".

Does anyone know a supplier (preferably in Southern California) where I can get a convex print made?

Thanks in anticipation.
I would be absolutely astounded if there is anyone anywhere in the world making convex photos today.

Most people that have the original convex photos are trying to figure out how to make them flat.
Maybe if you scanned the photo and printed it on watercolor paper then saturated the paper with water and moulded it over the convex glass to dry?

I suspect that everyone in the picture would end up looking like they had huge noses and life-threatening overbites but it might be an amusing experiment to try.

Thanks Ron. I didn't think anyone was doing this anymore. Now they are in my bookmarks.

I've done some photo printing on Maryland Blue Crab shells and stones just in case you get an inquiry!!!
So you think it uses heat??

The source I linked to was at the top of a Google search for "convex photographs." All the other entries appear to be doing restoration of convex photos - not making new ones.

So it's entirely possible that these guys are offering a truly unique service.

They are in North Carolina which is pretty close to Southern California, isn't it?

The lesson, for me, is that there is somebody out there doing just about anything you could imagine. I read the other day about a group of people around the world who are willing to be killed and eaten by other people in the group. A guy in England is facing charges of cannibalism and he was able to demonstrate in court that it was consensual.

I think I'd rather have a convex photo made.
I would think heat and moisture for conventional (silver) photo work.

Back in my younger days I volunteered to be abused by some aggressive women. Today, I'd probably go for a convex photo, too.