Convex glazing



A very good customer brought in a wooden tray that she would like to have her latest needlework framed in. The tray has an oval opening that is 7x10. Can someone direct me to a supplier of glass or acrylic for this piece, it is dimensional and will require a glazing that is curved.
Do you mean curved, as in an oval? Or curved as in truly convex? And if it is convex, what good is it as a tray?

Several suppliers carry convex glass - just look in one of your "sources" directories that come from the trade magazines.

Inline Ovals carries a full line of convex glass. Although I dont see 7x10. 7x9, 8x10 but call them they do i belive have a source for custom convex.
Also try Presto they carry convex glass as well. good company good prices and good service, how can you go wrong?