Converting Eclipse And Wizard Cliparts

I think they both use their own proprietary formats to discourage that sort of thing. :(

If they're in DXF format, either system can import them into their native format.
Eclipse tells you how to convert their cliparts to DXF so you can modify them. Wizard it appears from what I can see doesn't... why I don't know. I just find the Eclipse program more user friendly. It's a feature wizard should add definately.
See, you should've gotten a Mat Maestro. They LOVE DXF files.

Mike, your current avatar eludes identification.

What the **** is it?

(I just know I'm gonna slap my forehead and say, "Oh, of course!")

looks to me that it is the part of your avatar that is missing on the right.
Mat Maestro? Never heard of it and couldn't find a website when I Googled. By the nasty comments I did find I think it's safe to assume they went tits up.
Boxer1, yeah Wizard's avoided DXFs in the past due to the sheer amount of fragmentation of the file format. A DXF saved in Corel Draw is different from one saved in VCADD is different from AutoCADD is different from TurboCAD ad nauseum...

That said, we've been looking at improving our DXF support for a while, and our next release should support DXFs saved in most of the major commercial software programs out there (including even Visio). Out CAD utility called PathTrace should still load quite a few DXF file types..
Don't believe WizSteve boxer1, he's probably too busy playing PONG.
I'm trying to beat my high score of 1,446,405,593,499,243,035,012...

(and Shhhh.. you'll make Ron even more jealous when he hears his CMC didn't come with games built in to the software)
Repair man? nah... We've had our Wizard 1 year and 2 days and it hasn't had an ounce of downtime. Heck, it's more reliable than ME.

Steve is the lead programmer at Wizard. His team's work, IMO, blows its competitors clear out of the water. I checked them all out in Atlanta, and most of the other products have very basic/limited/dos-like software. These guys are continually raising the bar, with innovative improvements which are often duplicated.

I've never met a CMC I didn't like. They each have their strengths and weaknesses. If you check the technology poll from another thread, you'll see that almost 50% of all grumblers have a Wizard, so they must be doing something right
I think their success is mainly due to a brilliant marketing plan. (rental program)

The program has several "easter eggs" hidden inside. One of them is a full PONG game

I'd like to thank Steve for being a participant, and Wizard for being a sponsor of the Grumble.


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Do you need the games to kill time while your waiting for a repair man?
I wish I had time for games (well, REAL games).. I haven't even seen the new Doom 3 game, much less even played it yet.

And somehow I can't seem to justify a $250 graphics card purchase to my wife...

Ugh.. I've been totally domesticated.
I'm almost finished with Doom 3 and just finished Far Cry before that. Playing around with Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 also.

You can get a decent card these days in the 100-200 range. My ATI Radeon 9800 Pro/128 was about $160.

Yeah, but I want the ATI 9800 All-In-Wonder so I can hook it up to my TV..
I've got a GeForce 440 MX el cheapo that's adequat, but I can help but wonder how much better it would be with a top-of-the-line card.
We have the 256MB DDR Radeon ATI 9800XT and my wife tells me it rocks
I've noticed little difference in my Solitaire program .