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Mar 26, 2003
Alberta CANADA
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Does anyone know anything about the certificates being handed out to contest winners? I tried to contact Angie Pearson & Baer Charlton without success. I was wondering who gets one - (first & second? and what about popular choice.

The reason I ask is I am planning on doing a direct mail & maybe some other press release to "brag" a bit.

Thanks to anyone that can help.
Angie is doing them and she is in the process of moving, you should be getting yours

soon I would guess.
HB, how did you try to contact me without success?

I have 3 email addresses and they are all working fine.

unless your email started as: "I be Abula Alsalam and you do not know me kind sir but I want to give you $45 million US dollars...." :D

Angie is doing up certificates... I should be recieving ribbons for 1-2-3 in 7 catigories and get to Angie the day I recieve. Keep polishing that "brag" mail.

BTW: Bragging rights never expire.... you just keep getting newer ones.
Angie has very limited access to the web right now as she is in a temporary lodging while her house is being prepared. I know that she is working on the certificates, but she is very busy right now with moving, working, etc.

I've offered her some time to check in here at work, but honestly we've been absolutely swamped since she started working here last week, and there has been little time for breaks.

If she doesn't see this, I'll give her a head's up. Don't think for a minute that she has forgotten you!
Thanks all

Baer: I'm not sure which email address I used - I think its the one that is sneaking behind the email button on your posts. Maybe I started with Viagra in the subject. Just kidding (About 90% of my email has viagra in it - kinda makes emailing hard to enjoy - erasing all the junk)

I'll get back to my promos....
My bad, HB, I just didn't make the connection
from BR to HB...

We all know the rtuoble I have with dislexus spillage. :D

Ribbons are "on the water".....BS! "They are somewhere between City of Commerce, CA and Pasadena, CA and Poplar Bluff, MO.
Kit: I appologize.
Betty: Cover your eyes.
Anne: Forgive me
Anybody else with sensitive skin: Sorry, I just can't let it pass.... it's to good.

Janet: "F*** if I know" :D

Charles: Beat you to it. :D
Boxer1 - that must of bin hindsight!