Conservation Clear glass flaw

Joseph Allen Popp

Grumbler in Training
Jun 3, 2006
Erie, PA
Is anyone else having a problem with TruVue Conservation Clear glass? When I clean the coated side which faces the art, my cloth is turning yellow. i clean it several times, and the cloth keeps turning yellow. i called the company and they said its rare, but the curing process may have been off. i got a new box of the same kind of glass and I'm having the same problem! What's up??? I've never had this problem before in 17 years. I'm using the same glass cleaner and wipes as always.
What kind of cleaner are you using? Does it contain ammonia?
No ammonia. Sprayway with my distributor's name on it. No film, no ammonia. The same stuff I've used for 17 years. It's not reacting with my other various types of glass, i.e. museum glass, conservation NG, standard, etc...
I doubt it's the glass cleaner, espedcially if you've used Conservation Clear with good results in the past.

It sounds like you have defective glass. When you got the replacement box, it probably came from the same flawed production run as the first box.

I suggest calling the supplier and asking for a "fresh" box of the glass, from another production run.
Thiw thread triggered a queston I have had for a long time. Just what is in the coating that is applied to the glass that makes it UV blocking. I have never seen any chemical description of it.
Is it permanent or can it be wiped off with some of the glass claeaners now used?

Bernie, its a Low-E high bake shell coat, much like the modern windows. Amonia will **** it up really good.
Clean it properly, its good for life or until the glass breaks which ever comes first.

"espedcially", Jim, did you take over for Buddy? :D