Congratulations to Bill Parker


PFG, Picture Framing God
Apr 12, 2001
Destin, Florida
I haven't seen mention of this yet on the Grumble, if someone has posted already, please excuse me.

But I have to congratulate William Parker on his recent election as VP of PMAI at their annual international convention in Orlando. I have long admired Mr. Parker as a man who has faced adversity and forged on to become successful as a framer and a leader in our industry. I wish him an exciting and productive tenure with the PMAI and hope that he is able to meld more of the PPFA and PMAI goals and interests together.

Good luck to you, Bill, and a well done job.

And it couldn't have happened to a nicer organization.

I am so looking forward to November and getting to <strike>party</strike> work for a day at Mr Parkers <strike>shrine</strike> frame shop. :D
Uh, sorry Baer, I think that's going to be held at Southstar and not William's store. (but, if you're real nice, he might take you there. You could bribe him - I know he has a soft spot for Mopars.)
I'm crushed, CRUSHED I say.