Congrats Texas, now lets make some $$$


PFG, Picture Framing God
Mar 20, 2001
Powell, OH
Well the Longhorns pulled it off last night. Now is the time for all you Texas framers to cash in.

I am a born & bred Buckeye and I mourn our loss to the Horns but we will see you this fall for some payback.

In 2003 the Bucks won the National Championship. Sales of Buckeye stuff made up almost 25% of our sales that year.

So while its still available go out and buy a hundred Austin Newspapers, and when they come out get a like number of Sports Illistrateds. Get several framed up by tomorrow. Price is important, try to keep it under a $100 and $79.95 would be better.

If you have the capabilities to frame at wholesale prices, go to the local malls & even the groceries to sell them in large quanities.

There is no time to wait get it done today!!!

If you embrace the victory you will be the real winner.
Dave-You are so correct and when the Diamondbacks won the World Series, we did more WS business in the month following than most framers do in a year.

We bought and sold 200 Newspapers (framed) and could have sold another 200 had we had the foresight

And, your advice on price points is right on

I am a product of Texas High School Football and was a "fair" player. It took me until I was about 21 yr old to figure out that Darrel Royal probably hadn't lost my phone number, but that he just wasn't going to call me.

But, I am wearing my Texas Shirt to work today and will proudly say "HOOK 'EM"

In places like Texas, this can be a true Bonanza. I would stock up today on 7104 and 7105 Big Time
yep, I had to bust my *** to beat last year because the Red Sox didn't win!

Like Bob says, plan on it, advertise it, and cash in!

I was doing so many newspaper front pages for $89.95 I could do them in my sleep! Bought boxes of Red Mats and 1" black moulding!
ok....great idea...see lots of money being made...burnt orange mats, no problem, 1 inch black moulding no problem...what about the page yellowing???...I also have acid free foam core or bb alpha mat...dry mount???...forgive my stupidity...also got to do one for my hubby as a gift...roll tide!!
Bought 100 Austin Statesmen newspapers this morning. Did the same thing when the Spurs won the Championship last year. Made some good money this way.
Originally posted by sherrytx51:
ok....great idea...see lots of money being made...burnt orange mats, no problem, 1 inch black moulding no problem...what about the page yellowing???
Sherry, you're thinking to much and that burns daylight... by next year... nobody cares.

Unless VY can pull it out again... and then you get the "REPEAT" or in TX: "DOUBLE HOOKER" or "TWO HORNS" or what ever... and then you have to go buy 500 news papers... 600 Sports Illustrateds and get them framed by Monday....

This is when you burn the CMC till it smokes all night.

Double mat, pinwheel the foam around the SI, slap a back on it, reg glass, #15 black with a screw gun, snap in sawtooth (Make a jig) and out the door.... Pile 'em high and watch 'em fly.

This aint no time for sissy ideas like "conservation" and "yellowing".. this is TX FOOTBALL! And any SIs or Newspapers you're still sitting on in March, won't sell untill maybe Christmas if you're lucky.
Well, I have not one but two sons attending UT Austin, but of course they are currently at home for break. Sigh. I wonder if they will have any papers left come Sunday when we take 'em back to the dorm?

Oh, yeah. Hook'em Horns. (Ow! That hurts! I'm really a Rice Owl!!!)
Sherry, I bought some black speedmount. It's a little more money, but I could turn 'em out fast and easy, and the black helps block the printing on the back side. If they are "preserving," charge 'em some more and throw a new copy into an envelope on the back. This is for show and will wind up in dumpster eventually anyway. for crying out loud there's many many of these being "saved."
Hey Leslie-If you would have just said "My two sons attend The University" most of us would have known what you said

Isn't Eggers an Rice guy, too?

I have a great line I tell clients when they come into the stores sporting an OU cap or a Nebraska shirt or such.

I'll start off by saying "Did you go to A&M?" an dbefore they answer, I'll say "Yeah, I almost went there, too. But my daddy got a better job" and flash a "Hook 'em"

98% have a good laugh (especially if it's SMU or Rice or some other way pricey private school) an dthe 2% that didn't, we figure they were Aggies and their friends explained it to them on the way out
Need some t-shirt sources in Texas, close to Austin as possible, and caps also, along with anything Texas.

I have a source for sunglasses, if anyone interested, he presently has plenty.
Call 1-205-229-0204 ask for Dave, if your in Texas he will more than likely deliver for you.
Go loooooooooonnnnnggggg horns!
It's funny how you c]guys talk about this, but it's reall true in this area. As samplea I have a UT and A&M logo mats displayed in the store for diplomas. At the old location they were one on top of the other and everyone that walked inb made a comment, UT rules or A&M rules. So in this new location I placed the diploma frame samples side by side and the same controversy sill comes up. So the UT samples are up and let's have at it.

Roxanne Langley