ConClear UnClear

Baer Charlton

SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
May 24, 2004
Today I opened a new box of TV 22x28 ConClear.

I've been getting used to finding in the 16x20 a little white sticker instead of the print strip along the edge. But this box of 22x28 had three stickers, and two edge print strips. All of the rest of the lites were "unmarked". Called our distributer = "we deliver the boxes the same way we get them from TV".
Called TruView = "Well, ah, I think they have a little strip with printing on each piece . . . "
"Can I talk to a supervisor?" "They're in Atlanta . . ."

So I went back and tested (scored both sides, small in corner) ALL of the unmarked. WOW one slide like a regular sheet of ConClear. All the rest scored like 69 cent lights of import glass from our neighbor to the south. Scored with only light pressure and with a lot of chip-out......

Am I the only one experiencing this kind of glass? Or have I just not been paying attention?

I wish I could figure out your question, Baer. I know there's one in there somewhere.

Yes, I have gotten some with the little white stickers instead of the silkscreen printing. I've also gotten some with the silkscreen about 1/2" from the edge, so I keep some acetone around to remove it.

(My favorite silkscreen message on CC glass said something like "West side." I never did figure out what that meant.)

Are you saying you got some with two coated sides that scratch? Or you can't tell which side is which? Or you've fallen down and you can't get up?

Speak slowly and annunciate.
No, Ron, I fell out of the boat and I'm not sure if I'm up or what.

Over half of the case tests out as having NO COATING on either side. Absolutely undifferenciatable (can't tell) from regular cheap glass from Mexico.

Usually on coated ConClear you can tell the side by how the spray of the cleaner puddles and runs. These test out as if someone put cheap regular glass in the ConClear case.

So my question was/is: "Has anyone else experienced the same thing?"

I'm going back to bed now. Obviously the concussion is NOT over.


No, I've never found uncoated glass mixed in with CC.

I DID find a $50 bill in with a bunch of old papers I was shredding last night.
Ron, I once had to shred a whole stack of mis-printed Audibon prints. I worked all night at it.
In the morning, I had shredded tweet.

Then there was the autobon . .

We have gotten CClear glass in a box of regular. Don't rock too many boats because Ron has a hard time finding his way in the dark.
Free drinks? Im there!
no ive not noticed that phenomenon before---'course maybe i wasnt payin attention myself, dunno----but, that "scratch" test should be fool-proof. other ways of testing are: the "breath" test= breath hard onto a side of the lite, the uncoated side will look smooth and even ( that is the condensation pattern), the coated side will look spidery and uneven. this works best before its cleaned.
you can also try a black light shine-through test.
I have found that it is easy to see the coating if you hold the glass up to light and look across the sheet at an angle. Sometimes you can see the coating on the cut edge also. The coat has a ripply look and is not fully smooth.

I really hope your not getting plain glass in a ConClear box. Is the glass clear or green. If it is green, it's the cheap stuff.
I think all glass, except for water white, is green.

You have to let it ripen on the shelf for a few weeks.
I use the scratch test myself, hopefully haven't recieved regular for premium glass.

Question I have related to the printing on the edge, I just started buying Museum Glass, and the case I bought was marked on bth sides. Both sides said score opposite! Does Museum Glass get a coating on both sides? and thus get the printing on both sides?

I just assumed it was a fluke, bad QC at the factory and figured "just deal with it". Figured coated side in, scratched the glass)and went back to work. But it did give me pause when I went to put the finished frame package together!
Aahh! Bob, that is where they get you. What they ment was you are supposed to buy that $1,900 glass cutter that cuts the glass from the inside out. So that you have scored neither side. Kind of being a bearded male working both sides of a lesbian bar, = you score neither side..... oh never mind.

I kind of like the box of 22x28 museum I was working over this afternoon.
Not only did they label both sides but they labeled over labels that were labeled before over labels that . . . .well you get the picture. Just about one solid black mass line.

You are 119% correct Ron. Got to age them lites on the shelf for a week or two. Thats why they come in those brown paper boxes. Ripens them faster. Green as a whoopsie child on their first carnival ride.

Hey ShopMonkey, If they see me breathing heavy on glass, they're gonna haul me off to the looney bin. I just spray with cleaner (it does the same but without the hypoxia) or as Janet suggested, wax pencil. With all the tests, I got the shaft and no way to prove it.

Baer, I'm still not clear about your problem. Are you saying that the glass seems to have the UV coating on one side, as usual, and the other side seems uncoated, but scratches easily?

A defective UV coating seldom happens. Tru-Vue is very picky about their coatings, and they inspect several times before coated glass gets sealed up in the cartons. Still, once in a while we'll find a speck or scratch.

If there were a production problem with the glass itself, it would involve a large batch. The batch would probably be discarded before it got as far as packaging. Or, if the defect somehow escaped detection, it would be everywhere in a matter of days. We'd know about it, distributors would know about it, the manufacturer would know about it, and there would be some arrangement made to replace whatever couldn't be recalled.

On the rare occasions when I've received bad glass, my Tru-Vue distributor cheerfully replaced the few affected lites. I think I've received a whole box of bad glass only three or four times in all my framing years, and the suppliers have always been cooperative.

If you feel that you're stuck with a bad box of glass, I'd suggest you call Tru-Vue and ask for someone in quality assurance. I'd bet they would like to talk with you.