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Chuck T

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Aug 15, 2003
Jackson, Michigan
OK, So now I don't know where to turn or who to ask!!!! May be simple for some of you but not for me.... PROBLEM: I have DSL line on my computer and I use TDS MEtrocom as my home page for the net. For some STRANGE reason, another home page keeps coming up (FASTFIND). I have changed all my settings, reset to TDS, and done a search on my computer to try to find this unwanted page, but to no avail, I can't stop it from changing my home page! Could this be a virus? :eek: Is there anything I can do? :confused: PS: I keep my store books and other important documents on this computer. All comments appreciated. Thanks, Chuck T.
Good morning Chuck,

Have you tried AD-AWARE to scan for spyware? (down near the bottom left side)

One other program to try is Hijack Blaster, at,fid,22955,00.asp

I couldn't find a specific reference to your problem. Between the two of these, I suspect your problem will be resolved. It's frustrating when someone takes over your computer! What a waste of talent...


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It's very unlikely that it is a virus that is confusing things.

If you've already tried this … never mind, but if you're using Explorer, manually load your start page, so that the URL appears in the "address" field.

Copy this address to your clipboard, then open preferences file (under the Edit Menu). Under "web browser" then under "browser display", paste this URL into the HOME PAGE address field. Make sure the "automatically go to this home page …" check box is checked, then click "OK".

If you're using Netscape Navigator, the process is similar, although the placement of this "automatic home page" is in a slightly different location in the Preferences file, so you may have to poke around in the preferences window to find it.

This kind of "bail out" of my start page happens from time to time, too. It is (in a Mac anyway) just a corrupted preferences file. Just deleting it usuallly solves the problem, although you have to reenter every bleeding one of the entries from scratch.