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Jun 25, 2002
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Don't know if my problem falls under Techie Stuff but didn't know where else to put it.

My compressor blew up the other day so I bought a new one at Sears and can't get it to run long enough build up any pressure. I plug it into a power strip and it kicks the reset button out on the strip. Plug it directly into the outlet and it knocks out the circuit breaker. Yesterday it was much better....ran fine most of the day.


2 hp
15 amps
26 gal tank

Never had this problem with the old one (3.5hp).

Is it a bad motor, inadequate wiring???

Any ideas?

Doug Gemmell
Hi Doug,

I would suspect a problem with the motor on the new compressor. That smaller motor shouldn't be drawing enough to throw the circuit breaker.

You may want to try a different power strip first, just in case.

Not meaning this as any sort of insult, but you did fill it with oil and break it in by running for an hour without compressing anything (drain plug pulled from the tank), didn't you? It sounds like the same or similar model as ours and the 3/4 qt of oil didn't come with it. Great compressor and relatively quiet.

I wouldn't consider tripping the overload in the powerstrip unusual because of the starting current required.
Doug, mine used to trip the power strip switch every time. Now it's plugged into a heavy-duty extension cord (the orange one) and doesn't trip anything anymore. Just a thought.
What size circuit breaker is tripping? Are there any other loads on that circuit? What was the amperage of the previous compressor? If your putting a 15amp compressor on a 15amp breaker or (15 + 5 on a 20), it's not a stretch that the start-up load would pop the breaker. The amperage rating of the motor is the key - not horsepower - it depends on efficiency of design.

Pat :D
Thank you all for the good advice.

Circuit breaker is 15 amps and both compressors are 15 amps. I followed the break in instructions and ran it for 15 minutes with the drain valve open. It is oiless.

Took it back to Sears this morning and traded for a smaller one: 1.5 hp, 15 gal. Other specs are the same. It is working so far, but the other one worked ok for an hour or two before it started going nuts.

I hope the smaller one will keep up with the Wizard and Cassese. We rarely run both at the same time.

And thank you Mike for making this a new topic. I didn't have the strength or time to enter a new one. I feel drained!
Thanks Rick....there, that's better!

The newer, smaller (compressor) version is still working. It's beat the other one by a couple of hours so far.

Must have been a bad motor or too much power or....??

Sears was very understanding and offered to replace it with another one of the same model, a different model, or money back. Good customer service!
Rick- what model of Sears compressor is the one you are recommending? The FIAC compressor I bought with my VN2+1 is geeting a little long in the tooth, but fortunately other than a little oil leakage it still performs great. Someday I'll have to replace it though, so I always have an eye out for a good one.
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