Compressor Help


CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
Dec 3, 2004
I am in the market for a new air compressor to power my v-nailer. What does everyone out there use and have good results with. I would like to get one with a relatively small footprint and small tank. Just need it to drive the v-nailer and nothing else. Thanks in advance!
Jason -
We've always used the Sears air compressors - inexpensive, simple to repair - not suitable for a mall store - too noisy!
How much do you want to spend? You can spend 300 to 1500 pretty easy.
Quiet one? Superior Mldg. in Mpls. has one that is super quiet and small. I don't recall the name brand but try calling them
Jim LeTourneau is the guy you want to talk to,
We have the compressor sold by ITW-AMP, which we bought with our V-nailer. I believe it's made by FIAC. It's very good quality, and is quieter than the hardware store compressors. If you need really quiet, though, you'll pay about double the price.
:cool: Rick
What ever you do make sure it's not an oilless compressor. these will run you out of you shop there so noisy.
I have the Sears stuff too, less noise than the ones from Harbor Freight (yes, I am talking me cheap sometimes.) Important (like Rick said): don't get the oilless compressors, they are crazy loud and annoying. I've learned this from my own mistake. Also, you should get the best hose and hardware there is.
The oilless are very loud but I kept one that I use only for the vnailer in the closet. It's a porter cable pancake that gives me a working pressure of 110 psi. Been fine. The closet helps muffle the noise and never had a problem with it overheating. My CMC is right up front in the store. I use a JunnAire to drive it. It was expensive but the only thing you hear is the switch click when you turn it on in the morning.
I use a small Makita MAC700 which is 2HP oil lubricated with a 2.6 gallon tank and a weight of about 50lbs. It's very solid but I can lift it easily with one hand using the handle. I use it in a small space and find it very quiet. Running just my Cassese v-nailer it only kicks in briefly about every 5th frame. I bought it online for about $180.