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Angie Pearson CPF

MGF, Master Grumble Framer

In Memorium

Rest In Peace

Mar 4, 2005
Poplar Bluff, MO
Entry #1

1) Frame used: Hughes Mouldings - Australia (Imported Spanish Moulding)
2) Matting used: Tru Vue International Whitecore Mats. Green Top Mat - Gold Foil Bottom Mat.
3) Description of item framed: 4 x Autographed 10" x 8" Photos from Actors of "Lord of the Rings"
4) Description of framing design: Standard double mat multiopening - with a carved logo.
5) other comments you would like to share about the project (like items used, techniques used) - Approximately 3 hours and a few wasted mats & blades were used to create and perfect this design to be able to cut perfectly on a Gunnar F1 CMC, using import from Corel Draw. The end result is obviously pleasing. Used Tru Vue UV conservation clear glass




Uh…I forgot the art and just framed some mats.

Crescent 9592 ‘Blizzard’
Crescent 9602 ‘Guacamole’
Crescent 9584 ‘Catcher’s Mitt’
Crescent HZ13150 ‘Spun Gold Black’

11”x14” readymade
Black with steps on the outside to emphasize the mat layers


Larger image:

I took some old costume jewelry and glued them around an opening in an oval shaped frame. Not conservation considerations, I used E6000 to glue. I built a frame around that but have no recollection of what it is. It is really about using the jewelry to create the frame I think........


Entry #4
Frame: Larson Zen 431431 Taupe with the matching fillet #151431

Mats: Bainbridge 4840 White Silken
Crescent 1123 New Castle

Art: "Triton" Original acrylic on paper by Jane Runyeon


Entry #5
Larson-Juhl Prado L678756
Roma Egyptian R40955
Bainbridge Ceylon Black Suede B4191
TV Museum Glass

"Egyptian Papyrus"

This stunning piece of art was purchased in Egypt.

Papyrus is mounted to 4 ply black rag, in turn mounted to the surface of B4191 Black Ceylon Suede. Roma 40955 Egyptian Gold frame installed into Larson Juhl 678745 Prado. Fit with 1/4" black spacers between mat and museum glass.


Entry #6
It's a hand colored etching

Mats are B8563 top mat
C5931 bottom mat 1/2 reveal

used a Grecian Knot cut on a Wizard

Frame is Ampf 1109

Glazing is museum glass

Entry #7
It began life as a two inch wide raw frame and I painted it, spattered it, and attached little music notes, drums, stars, maple leaves , a tiny clarinet(all out of brass) and then made a wooden marimba and mallets - a 8x10 "baby" frame for the Canadian clarinetist mom and the American percussionist dad.


Entry #8
1) Frame used:437976 Larson-Juhl
2) Matting used:Black linen.. cannot remember the number
3) Description of item framed:playbill cover from "The Full Monty"
4) Description of framing design
The design is a kind of tongue-in-cheek take on the subject of the play. It was designed to look like the front of a man's trousers
5) other comments you would like to share about the project (like items used, techniques used
Most of the layout of the "pants" was done with dark blue or black linen mat pieces. a real leather belt was cut and used at the top. I lined the sides with the same linen mat because it needed the depth to accept the belt buckle.



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Excellent job, Angie. Thanks for putting this together-all the entries are wonderful.
Framers imaginations are the best-I am still laughing over the link!!!!
Everyone entered beautiful works of art. Congratulations to all the entrants, you're all winners.
Those all were wonderful! Thank you so much for taking the time and putting so much effort into putting these all out there for us to enjoy.

I really enjoyed this and feel challanged as a framer to do more and step outside the box in my designs.

Thanks again,

Jennifer ,what this has done for me is to conivce me to photograph ALL my customers work. I sware I keep remebering jobs that I did long ago and never took a single picture of ,only to wish I could show them to someone while I was describeing them.

It is very hard to adequitely Judge the workmanship from a single photo( especially one I took.LOL) But a PHOTO of a unique Frame is in deed worth a 1000 words .And if the words are coming from the likes of me even a drawing is better.LOL
PS Angie You should get an AWARD for all your hard work .We atleast got paid for doing our thing.LOL
Baer and Angie, there WAS a band called 'Big Pink' way back when...and it appears there are at least 2 sushi-type restaurants in their own Big Pink chain.
Buddy, Thanks you are so sweet.

Jennifer, I was born in Kingsport, TN!! it's so cool that you are from there!! I am so glad this has given some inspiration to you!! That's exactly what I wanted to happen!...

I'm just glad there were sponsers and several entrants!! What a wonderful and talented group of people we have on here!!

hmm... Charles... I think Pink Floyd was a cool name ;) ... great band too.
Baer, is this the song you had in mind? It's by Bruce Springsteen :cool:

Yeah he was blinded by the light.
Cut loose like a deuce
Another runner in the night.
Blinded by the light . . .
Oh imaluma, nothing gets past you kids, does it... :D

I did remember, but I didn't want to go there and open that whole new can of pork..

Don't do it Charles. Not this year. NO. Behave, or I'll sick Bo on your slippers again. :D
Decorator Category

Entry #1 is by Imaluma
Entry #2 is by Jared Davis
Entry #3 is by Emibub
Entry#4 is by Jb Barlowe
Entry #5 is by Dave Becker
Entry #6 is by Baer Charlton

First Place - Entry #6 - July Frame by Baer Charlton
Second Place - Entry #2 - Roman Mural by Jared Davis
Third Place - Entry #1 - Abandoned Angels by Imaluma
Popular Choice- Entry #2 - Jared Davis

Objects / Shadowbox Category
Entry #1 is by Johnny
Entry #2 is by Framingnook
Entry #3 is by Jay H
Entry #4 is by Hannu Nyström
Entry #5 is by Tim at Deck the Walls
Entry #6 is by Judy Nansel
Entry #7 is by Donna@Metrof
Entry #8 is by Imaluma
Entry #9 is by JP Barlowe
Entry #10 is by Lodan Fine Art (Owie O)
Entry #11 is by Cambell Hotley
Entry #12 is by Baer Charlton
Entry #13 is by Virginia Heath (Sister Susie)

First Place - Entry #6 - Indian Lodge by Judy Nansel
Second Place - Entry #1 - Las Vegas by Johnny
Third Place - Entry #4 - Metallica by Hannu Nyström
Honorable Mention - Kimonos by Baer Charlton
Popular Choice- Entry #2 Memorabilia of Older Gentlemen by Framingnook (Also won popular choice overall)

Collages Category
Entry #1 is by Seth
Entry #2 is by Joyce Michels

First Place - Entry #2 - Military Father by Joyce Michels
Honorable Mention - Entry #1 by Seth
Popular Choice -Entry#2

Limited Editions Category
Entry #1 is by Buddy
Entry #2 is by Cambell Hotley
Entry #3 is by David Seitz

First Place - Entry #3 - Rupunzel Serigraph by David Seitz
Second Place - Entry #2 - Eurynome and Ophion by Cambell Hotley
Popular Choice - Entry #1 Jazz print by BUDDY

Needlework Category
Entry #1 is by Buddy
Entry #2 is by Joyce Michels
Entry #3 is by Seth
Entry #4 is by Framingnook
Entry #5 is by Jay H

First Place - Entry #1 - Bridal Gazebo by Buddy
Second Place - Entry #4 - God Bless America by Framingnook
Popular Choice - Entry #1 by Buddy

Canvas Category
Entry #1 is by Tim at Deck the Walls
Entry #2 is by Virginia Heath (sister Susie)
Entry #3 is by Framar
Entry #4 is by J Abbot

First Place - Entry #2 - Betty Carol Graham by Virginia Heath (sister Susie)
Second Place - Entry #4 - Tigers by J Abbot
Popular Choice - Entry #1 by Tim at Deck the Walls

Other Category
Entry #1 is by Jared Davis
Entry #2 is by Dave Becker
Entry #3 is by Emibub
Entry #4 is by Ruth McGill
Entry #5 is by Andy Langlois
Entry #6 is by D Deberone
Entry #7 is by Framar
Entry #8 is by Lodan Fine Art (Owie O)
I KNOW YOU ALL HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS ONE.........Entry #9 is by Donna@Metrof
First Place - Entry #8 - The Full Monty by Lodan Fine Art (Owie O)
Second Place - Entry #6 - Deco Etching by D Deberone
Third Place (Tie) - Entry #1 - Lord of the Rings by Jared Davis
Third Place (Tie) - Entry #4 - Triton original by Ruth McGill
Third Place (Tie) - Entry #7 - Patriotic Photoframe by Framar

Honorable Mention - Entry #2- Framed Mats by Dave Becker

Popular Choice - Entry #5 - Andy Langlois, CPF


PS: If any of all the entrants still have these pieces around, one of our judges, Mark Klostermeyer, has suggested that all of you enter them into the ppfa open competition, because they are sooo good!!
Also, winners of all places including the popular choice poll, please get me your addresses and contact information (email: because I am moving and will no longer have my current account!!)
Second Place - Entry #6 - Deco Etching by D Deberone

That should be D Derbonne
THANK YOU for putting this together, Angie.

THANK YOU to the judges

THANK YOU to the generous sponsors!

I also just wanted to recognize and Thank the sponsers again:

We have Cornel (AKA Whynot), American Choice who has donated 10 water guilded frames to the first place winners in each category!!!

Peter Ackerman, President of United has donated a $50.00 gift certificate towards anything in the catalog to the first place winners in each category!!!!
Peter Ackerman, President
United Mfrs. Supplies, Inc.
80 Gordon Drive
Syosset, NY 11791
Toll Free Phone (800) 645-7260
Phone (516) 496-4430
Fax (516) 496-7968
Toll Free Fax (888) 809-0603

THANK YOU SO MUCH SPONSERS!!!! We will get the adresses of the winners to you ASAP!!

Also, I would like to recognize and thank the judges again:
John Ranes, Jim Miller, and Mark Klostermeyer!! They made for a very interesting group!!! They were great, let's give them all a round of thumbs up
Congratulations Angie on a job well done. Also thank all those who graciously sponsored this effort ,as well as all who took the time to judge and Vote .

Maybe the next effort will have even more entries and popular choice ballots. This was one of the most fun events we have had on TFG and it didn't corrupt the original concept in any way. In fact it allowed others to express their personal opinions about the style of framing they liked ,while giving others ideas of things to try .As well as being helped by some well known Grumblers and members of other Groups.This went a long way to showing that all framers have a lot in common ,while expressing their personl talents in a wide array of degrees.
Thanks again Angie I know personally how much effort this sort of thing can take on a slightly different venue.
Originally posted by Steven6095:
Muppets band:
The Electric Mayham Band!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem.

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