Comparing United prices to a local supplier


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Aug 12, 2000
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Mitre Sander, United $ 598.00 plus shipping
West Coast CMI Moulding $549.00 delivered their truck for free.
Fletcher Fillet Chopper, United $390.00 plus shipping.
West Coast, CMI Moulding $345.00 their truck.

West Coast, CMI Moulding 800-373-8177

Note: I get free delivery because I am in their delivery range.

Pays to call around.

John, beware the angry emails coming your way! United does have prices that are higher than my local distributor, they also have prices that are lower, so I used to use both judiciously.

Now I figure in shipping costs, and turnaround time and buy more often from my local distrib.

But I can't get the good easel backs from my local folks and United does carry them! So I agree know what your paying, and what you are paying for! And go the the one that works best for you.
OK, help me understand. If we dis an involved, supportive company like United in order to save $45, we're smart shoppers. If our customers go to a BB to save $45 on a 50% off sale, they're disloyal, horse's ***** who can't recognize a good thing when they see it.
John this is not an angry response!~
Just clarity!~ Not sure the point of this post!~ Was it an ad for CMI? Or a Slam at United? If it is a comparison what about the other 20+ suppliers? What are their prices? Or has someone asked for prices of these items?
There will always be someone selling something cheaper than the other guy!~
..and was that a sale price vs a list/catalog price?

I have always found our sponsor (United) to be very low, especially when it comes to equipment. (Vnailers, etc)

Then again I shop at trade shows to get the show specials. We also support the local vendors when possible, because they've always been there for us. (DonMar, etc) Small vendors are probably feeling this pinch more than anyone.
Any smart business owner would shop for the best price, whether a major piece of equipment or a small everyday supply. I know I personally purchase more of my supplies,not all, from United because of price point. But I also consider other issues as well, proximity to my business (freight costs/shipping time), stock availability and my personal favorite service levels.

Peter has been an active participant on this forum and has gone above and beyond to help out frame shop owners with problems etc. I remember several months ago he brought up an issue on a product recall and offered a free replacement. He didn't have to take the time to bring it up here, but he did. He went out of his way to call my business and correct a situation, one I didn't feel he had to, but he did.

It's great when we can share information about a good price we discovery from a company, but I think is in poor taste to do a direct comparison when one of the companies is a sponsor and a contributor to our threads.

Could have been handled differently, but choices are there to be made. I'm sure there was a point to the post, I just couldn't see what it was.

Sounds to me like you're wearing underwear today!! :eek:

Peter is a class act in my book and he has helped me and others in times of disaster and otherwise. He is also a man who isn't going to hit the ceiling when another veteran Grumble bum runs a comparison on products and includes any of his products in the comparison. John Baker has been a contributor to this forum longer than I have been a member and he is respected by many of us as a knowledgeable framer.

I really don't believe that John was purposely diss'ing UMS nor do I think that Peter Ackerman would take personal offense to somebody finding a better price on a product that he carries in his catalog. We all appreciate Peter's support of this forum and his contributions to the framing industry and to some of us personally.

Let's not turn this thread into another verbal food fight, OK??

This was just an informative note, nothing more. I buy from United all the time. I just received two roles of release paper from them. I buy from West Coast, CMI all the time as well. I was just surprised at the price difference. Felt like posting it.

The message I received from John's post was that "You should check the price before you order and that just because a company has low prices doesn't mean they will always be the lowest."

We keep a notebook with all the products we shop. When we get a sale flyer we check the book and see if we can save money.
Originally posted by Framerguy:

Sounds to me like you're wearing underwear today!! :eek:

oh really....then tell me smarty pants, what color are they?

Trust me I was not trying to start a food fight, just was a little taken aback!

And here I thought I was behaving myself for once. FYI my undies do not get bunched! They may need occassional adjusting at times..but never bunched ;)
But thier moulding is poo!!!A personal opinion, take it as you will. Not meant to offend, but just state a fact.

oh really....then tell me smarty pants, what color are they?

Wild stab ....................... red thong?? :cool:


P.S. Couldn't tell for sure if it was twisted or knot.
Yeah, that's the great thing about thongs, never bunch, just need "rearranging" once in a OW! :eek: while.

Almost forgot.. FGII, Steph is a Blue or Black girl even sometimes pink, ... Red is NOT her color. It clashes with her hair.
I think undies get in the way. They are very uncomfy. Now thongs just disappear, so not bad. I am going with brown and slightlt lacey. And of course it has a bow.

Uh, guys? This is not Warped Moulding... try to stay on topic over here on the main forum.

As for prices.. they are constantly changing. Sometimes United is lower, and sometimes they are higher. the difference is, Peter has worked hard to get the SERVICE to be the best. I am willing to pay a little more, if I know that I will be treated better.
I wonder why the topic of what United has/hasn't, did/didn't, or is/isn't comes up at least 25 times to each occurance of some of the others like M&M?
Jay, could it be that we all do a whole lot more business with United than we do with M&M?

I called United before I called anyone else.

When we are told over & over by industry leaders & the like to BUY BETTER! then why do we take JRB's post as a 'slam' against United. I, too, buy most of my supplies from a local distributor. I always factor in free delivery vs shipping/freight, time it takes to get here, and, of course, price. I buy my glass from one supplier b/c I get the 'bulk rate' even if I buy one box. Same with matboards...I get the 25/box price even if I buy just one sheet. (and no, this isn't an LJ partnership I'm talking about) So, why in the world would loyalty play into spending $3 or $4 more per matboard or $8-$12 more for a case of glass? I don't know about you, but business is business. I am not here to make friends with my suppliers/distributors even though some of them have become just that. Now, don't take this to mean that loyalty doesn't also play a part in successful businesses, but when my local supplier has always been very loyal to me, and the price is right (and this point usually takes precedence), I will not buy from another supplier just because 'everyone else is doing it' or I am 'expected' to. Mecianne and only Mecianne is responsible for paying Mecianne's bills, therefore, Mecianne buys as well as Mecianne can. Tell me how this doesn't make sense.

I didn't take JRB's post as a slam anymore than I take Bob Carter's posts as a personal insult to my way of doing business. (Okay, Bob, so I have done this in the past, but now I take what I can use & leave the rest & try to be like Steph, and not get my thong twisted).
Why not simply ask your preferred supplier to match the lower price? I've done this in the past with United and they have been willing to match the price.
Thank you everyone who stood up for United and to John Baker for letting me know we were not competitive on these products.

In return for my fellow Grumblers support, I will offer the following special pricing. These prices are the lowest they most likely will ever be so I will only offer these prices to Grumblers and only until June 1.

The AMP sander our #2260 will be sold for $535.00 Free shipping

The Fletcher Filet Chopper, our #6066 will be sold for $339.00 with free shipping.
This offer expires on June,1st 2006.

Please contact me directly or send me an e-mail to receive these prices.

"It pays not only to call around, but it really does not hurt to ask for a better price either."

Let the fun begin,
Peter Ackerman

Let the fun begin,
Peter Ackerman

As always, you are a true gentlemen.

Dave Makielski
Class act as always Peter. Too bad I don't have a need for either one, I'd be on that wagon. (You wouldn't have a deal on the Fletcher Filet Master, would you?)
Darn, I just unpacked the sander today, rest is on the way.

Now the real problem, figuring out where to set this stuff up.

Spoken like a true businessman whos in for the long haul, Peter.

For all the grumblers whether they like it or not, Thank you.
And Peter it doesn't hurt to be a **** good business person ( ask Bob WHY.he has told us often but then it looks like you knew already.LOL) especially with your loyal friends.


Now how many of you price comparers are going to place an order with PETER before June 1st of 2006? It sure sounded like a lot of you were interested.

Unfortunately, I don't need either pieces of equipment. Just a FYI, Peter is also a great supporter of PPFA and we appreciate all that he does for the industry.
I want to add the Filet Master to this deal. Purchase the Filet Master, United's #5938 for $198.00 and free shipping.

I will also extend this until June 9th 2006 for you to ponder this offer for a few more days. The June 9th deadline includes the Filet master, Fletcher Filet Chopper and the ITW/AMP Sander.

Thanks to you all for your kind words. We would not be here to support you or the PPFA without you the custom picture framer.

Peter Ackerman
Please either e-mail or call me directly.
The filet master can be used with any chopper. That is any Morso like chopper. It will not work with the ITW/AMP or Framesquare filet choppers.
Or the ArtMac that I have.

I believe I could "make" it work by removing some clamps and fences, but I wasn't thrilled with it and didn't think it actually helped that much. (I know, blasphemy!) May sell mine, but can't quite get up the ummph to even put it in a box.

Basically, you need enough clearance for it to fit firmly up against the cutting fence with no interference and stops that are solid and stable.
Isn't the Fletcher fillet chopper made by Framesquare? I thought they were one and the same?

Originally posted by JRB:
Isn't the Fletcher fillet chopper made by Framesquare? I thought they were one and the same?

It is a newer model. It is somewhat bigger than the old one and will accomodate the FiletMaster.
Bob Roy, thanks, had me worried a little, I had already placed my order for both items.