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Mar 26, 2003
Alberta CANADA
The Framing Nook
I am thinking of ordering a box of matte black from either Studio or Decor - never dealt with either. Studio is about 10% more for the item I am looking at. Anyone wish to comment on either dealer for quality & service etc?

Thanks in advance
Both good companies, take your pick.

I like both as well, I get Studio from a local supplier (LeWinter Moulding in Pittsburgh) so that is my choice.

Matte black outsells every other finish in my shop.

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I prefer Studio, I can get it from a local distributor so I don't have to deal with the east coast if any problems arise.
Studio is easier for me to get as well but... Decore is running a 50' box rate sale on their black mouldings right now (see ad in PFM this month) and ordered some just to check it out. Was thrilled by the finish. The substrate seemed a little lightweight but what do you want at 41 cents a foot. Chopped and joined perfectly and the legnths had almost no flaws in them, which means alot to me. that being said I have ordered concistently from studio over the years and have had little to complain about in that time.

Studio Moulding is headquartered in Carson, California, so you would not have to deal with the East Coast.

Studio also has a warehouse in the next state north of you.
We're very happy with the quality of Studio black mouldings and buy several profiles in box qty. 26101, 23301, etc. We also buy a few profiles in box from Nurre, at Cliff Wilson's good advice.

Of all the brands we tried, these seemed to be best for use with a chopper. (some other's seem to chip a lot) We recently switched to a saw, so it isn't a factor, but will continue with the same profiles.