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Nov 19, 2003
Orange County, CA
One of my commercial clients produces small medical devices. I am going to mount some of his devices on suede mats and display a numbered reference list alongside the items (see mockup layout below). Small numbered labels will be attached adjacent to the specific components.

He wants two sets ... the first will be in a regular shadowbox to hang in his office (no problem).

He wants the second set to be portable so that he can take them when when travelling to various medical clients. Ideally he would have these made to slide into some kind of protective box or sleeve to avoid damage when travelling. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to best tackle this? He wants to keep the bulk to a minimum. The maximum height of one of his devices is about 1".

My other question ... any recommendations on attaching small number labels next to the devices (the numbers correlate to the list of components). I could obviously print numbers on small pieces of paper but there has to be a more professional looking alternative.


Appreciate any suggestions.
Maybe small engraved or screened plates with the information? There was a post on the "Versalaser" and I think someone on The Grumble has one.
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Is there a reason you need the numbers? Why not a plate withthe parts listed and thread leading from the items in the list to the part of the device?

For the protable display ... how about an acrylic box?
I've seen map pins with numbers on the heads. These may work if your backing is thick enough.
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Photograph of all items with name & number on a float mount panel, say down down one side ie long & skinny strip? This would be more suited to a travelling frame, more robust than threads, saves on clutter?

Looks like Baxter's stuff.

How about cutting a "mat" of plex that is either rub-on type or lasered of the numbers and List.

This could be floating mid point in the acrylic box.

Because these are basically sales display, the customer probably wouldn't have a problem with them being "permanently" mounted with epoxy or something that will put up with the handling.

My suggestion would be to take that out to Lois at Superior in Riverside...... She is very creative and awesome. She would have you looking great and being the hero.
If the overall item isn't bigger than 8 1/2 x 11, you could make a layout with the numbers and arrows on your computer and print it out on a parchment paper or something nice mounted to matboard and mount the items on top of that(you could go bigger if you have a bigger printer or take it to Office Max to print). Or you could go with Baer's idea with the plexi and print it out on a clear overhead projector sheet and put that on the plexi to see through.
I may be way off here, but I used to work for a medical mfg and here is what I would suggest from a "Sales Tool" perspective.

A photo of the product(s) with the numbers overlayed with a reference box of typed info also overlayed onto the picture at the side and then plak-it and have the instrument for the people to play with and handle. We all know that a good part of the sale is getting it into the customers hands; framing the product makes it seem offlimits. I think this would be effective and inexpensive and may play into more of the same type of work from the corporate client.

Do up the office display with engraved plates and make it a knockout display.

my 2 cents.