Commercial Canvas Stretching

Bill Henry-

Brussel Sprout Connoisseur
Aug 17, 2002
Boondock Bowerbank, ME
Retired from the grind
I have searched The Grumble and Googled, but I cannot seem to find what I need.

Does anyone know of a commercial canvas stretching service (not the Tensalor machine itself)? I have a potential of a large quantity of orders which I cannot (and don’t want to) do myself.
I vaguely remember seeing something about one in the new United catalog, i think.

If not try the latest PFM magazine.
Bill, Let me know what the size and quantity is. I might be interested.

We use a company called:

Lucius Hudson Corp
1700 W 135th St
Gardena, CA 90249

They usually do our oversized stretches. They do great work.

I realize that it is quite a distance, but it couldn't hurt to give 'em a call.

Good Luck,
Thanks for your responses.

This customer who is requesting this canvas stretching is now having a gallery in Saratoga, New York do it for him. The sizes are all over the map; anywhere from 9 x 17 up to 18 x 28.

And, they are doing it (in my estimation) dirt cheap – he’s only paying $10.00 (or so he claims) to have a 9 x 17 stretched. That price includes the strainer/stretcher and the labor to mount it. He’s looking for a <u> better</u> price and to save on shipping.

Anyone still interested? If so, e-mail me with a price quote from 26 to 46 united inches.