comic strip address correction

I don't think you fixed anything...
Hi Many v's,

Welcome to the Grumble.

Your first URL did work, it just wasn't the right site, I guess. It pulled up

which happens to be a cartoon art site.

BTW, I have not recently seen anyone work so hard at getting one website posted as you have done, AND have most of them work!! AND also the first one that worked was misspelled as one would normally spell "genesis" but it still worked!!

Go figure.

(Good job ................ I think.)

Why do I get the feeling these posts are just a plug from someone with a vested interest in the comic strip? It had already been posted in a nother thread started just for the strip, also from a Grumbler with no posts or very few.

I saw an almost identical post on PFM's Framer to Framer last month.

It smacks of Spam.