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colors for colleges??


Grumbler in Training
May 19, 2004
Bonita Springs, FL
We got wind that one of the big box framer has a list has colleges and what mat corresponds with theicolors. Anyone seen such a list?? We checked the big box and none to be found.
I thnk So Cool wants the Bainbridge or crescent numbers that correspond to the school colors. That would be a bit of info that would save time designing diploma frames! And would be info I'm sorry to say I don't have.
Which BB was it? I don't recall seeing anything like that at HL when I worked there.

Maybe if you identify the BB someone who is employed there will help you out. I would be interested in seeing a compilation of Bainbridge and Crescent mat colors that would go with the leading colleges.

Vivian Kistler's latest article in the June PFM is all about school colors and discipline colors to match framing - she also mentions great resource material to determine which is which.

Would you believe Forestry's official color is russet? I woulda thought maybe green...but NO! Medicine is green!
Thanks for the link. One of the boss's friends art friends told her that micheals has the list but we ckecked that out and is not true. We were just wondering.