Color sample by email


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Dec 16, 2000
North-East US
I was requested to produce a certain frame with its panel painted in Crsecent mat #1182 color. Color sample is lost in mail and I badly need to see what that color looks like.
Is any grumbler able to:
1. email me a picture of what that color looks like next to white (white and Crescent #1182 swatches pictured together)?
2. better yet, pick the right color from the Custom Color Palette (in any image eddiding program) and send me its readings as RGB, HSB or whatever other custom color encoding system available?
My production facility email address is
Thank you.
I took a digital picture and send it. I am sure the color management and color control will not be optimal. So, if someone has a spectrometer or better color control, it would probably give Cornel something better to work from.
Thank you, Cliff, for your help. No need to go that far as to use a spectrometer. This is to be an eye controlled color matching. A good eye is all it takes and I believe any framer's got enough color discrimination to be trusted here.
I checked my mail. You've done a wonderfull job and, after I defined the white in your picture, the Crescent #1182 appears to be sort of a liver like brown color. More exactly, a Red:96, Green:49 and Blue:42 (96,49,42 RGB). Thank you so much!
After my posting on TG from the airplain, getting a color proof via internet is quite a wonderful and powerful occurrence (to me anyway) to live.
The spirit is willing, but the technology is weak. I don't have the capability to help out but one of the things I love best about the Grumble is how quickly people have come to my aid.
"liver like brown color"

Well, maybe? I would say just a very slight touch redder than Artique 4834 or Bainbridge 8440.

Maybe just ever so slightly redder than I would call "liver." But, you're probably very close with your description.

Good Luck!
You are right, Cliff, I wouldn't wanna cook liver of that Crescent #1182 color either

I guess I hit my speaking English limits by going there.

For future reference I'd like to remind you all that having a picture in which one spot was for sure white allows for fairly accurate reading / managing of any other color in that picture.
I just opened Cliff's picture in my Photoshop, then went Image>Adjust>Levels. In that wizard I picked the eye dropper from the right (highlights) and, after sampling on Cliff picture's white spot, the image automatically redefined itself accordingly to what I pointed as being white in that picture.
Cornel - THANK YOU for that very valuable tip - you should perhaps repost it on the computer forum part of the Grumble - it is a GREAT THING TO KNOW!!!

And your English is getting better by leaps and bounds, by the way!