Coeur d"Alene Show NOT CANCELLED

Rick Bergeron - CPF

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Aug 18, 1999
Canistota, SD USA
Lost Cajun Chateaux
I have received several phone calls today asking about the Tradeshow scheduled for Oct 9, with other related activities on Oct 8 & 10th. A major moulding rep appears to be spreading rumours in the Western Washington area that the show is being cancelled due to lack of interest. I am not sure how this rep got this opinion; but he just finished a sweep through Montana last week and stopped by my store on Friday to discuss booth space.

To set the record straight, this particular moulding rep did not register by the early date and has not registered as of yet and was told that the only remaining boothspace is in the hallway outside the tradeshow area because the vendor participation has been better than expected.

I just confirmed the "Surf & Turf" menu for the banquet. For the chartered cruise on Lake Coeur d'Alene, the CdA Resort will be furnishing their
signature "Orange Rolls": which are out of this world. Depending upon the weather, we have room for 80 passengers indoors and an additional 100
passengers outdoors on the top deck. If we get more reservations than that by next Wednesday, we have the option to double that capacity with the next larger boat in the fleet.
Not only is it not cancelled but Rob Markoff and I are going to be there and are really looking forward to it. Hope to see lots of you framers at the show.
What are the chances of Rob and I getting blown out of the air by St. Helens? We are flying into Portland on our way to Spokane. Might be an interesting ride.
Hi Nona,

Slim and almost none. Alaska Airlines almost always diverts Portland traffic to Seattle. From Seattle there is an Alaska Airline flight at least every half hour to Spokane.

The final headcount goes to the caterer on Wednesday for the banquet and the cruise. The Surf & Turf menu is one of the best banquet menus that we have in the area.