CMC cut art library

Merlin Framers

CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Jan 24, 2003
Cornwall. England
Help required from across the pond please.
Do any of you guys/gals know of a cut art library for CMC's.
I use a Valiani MatPro120 which has limited cut art. Yet Wizard seems to have quite a lot.
Or is there a way of say, exporting .WCA files into something like COREL. Or is there a copywrite problem doing this?
Hi John

I started such an exchange a couple years at at , but it didn't get much interest.

I believe the ones that were made by the Wizard staff, and are included with their product, are their legal property.
Hi John.

We have a Valiani (Future 120) CMC also. And, interestingly enough (or maybe not
) I was speaking about this just the other day with the dealer from whom I got the machine.

Valiani does make a fine machine. However, their software lacks the bells and whistles of some of its competitors. I suppose it's something like buying a Lexus with no seat warmers; now, seat warmers are not the be all and end all of an auto purchase, but they are nice to have, even if you don't use them. But I digress...

Now that Fletcher is involved with Valiani in distribution, hopefully some advanced software development is in progress. This doesn't help you today, John, but let's keep a good thought.

We'll be in contact with Mr. V (Jr.) shortly and will definitely bring up the topic (again).

When all is said and done, if we had to choose a CMC all over again, Valiani would still be our first choice. The software does everything we need it to do and, quite frankly, it is rare that we have need for any of those "bells and whistles" ...

Having said that, occasionally, on a very cold day, it would be nice to be able to push that button and warm one's rear. ;)
Hi Printmaker
As it happens, I plus another V owner had a face to face with Mr Nico Valiani himself at the UK framing trade show only last Sunday. It was actually over the problem with 'steps' in ovals and circles. 2 hours later which was effectively a 'one on one' we now have our machine sorted out. 1st problem was the plunge speed of the head, all the UK models were set way too fast and the blade was flexing on entry. Now sorted- after being shown the tweak, - and we are getting perfect ovals. 2nd. Shown the NEW software release. Make sure you get yours !!
This release was IMHO due to pressure from the USA market with the 'not so good' software package. With quite a few improvements as well.
I have started creating my own library of self made mounts, double and triple, which I am quite happy to forward to you if you require in .FU2 format. Do you have any yourself?
It is interesting that my nearest competitor (10 miles) away has a Wizard and two weeks ago, we were both in the same situation, He would swap his for a Valiani and I would swap mine for a Wizard. For me. NOT NOW, with this improvement and the superior engineering, I will definately stick with the MatPro.
As you say "bells and whistlews" will come soon enough.
We have seen Wizard templates (C), CutArt(C) and fonts show up on other CMCs, even on their software disks
. This is very disappointing as we spend a great deal of resources on these designs. We believe these items are a competetive edge for our customers and would hope the industry would respect this. We know framers feel the same about their designs.

Jim Brown
Manager Software
Wizard International