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Would there be any interest in a password protected web page for Wizard and other CMC users to exchange their own public domain cut art and CAD designs?

Sorry, why password protect it???

An exchange area would be great, but what's the password for?
The password would be for my own (legal) protection, and would be freely given (by email) to framers.

Without a password, it might attract pirates and music traders who would take advantage of the file system to mass distribute their warez.
Sounds good, Mike.

Are you Wizard, Eclipse and Fletcher users able to easily import dxf files into your software?
We can bring 'em into the Wizard too.

Bringing all the CMC users together might be a first
I have the Mat Maestro logo in dxf if anybody wants it.

It came with the original software but when I tried to actually cut it, the machine mutinied.

Oh, it tried. But there are about 2,000 little lines and curves.

Good thing I don't pay for corners.
I think it's a great idea too. So does emibubpup!
I like the concept. Hope it works. Tried to get Wizard users to do this 2-3 years ago on their forum and it never worked. Everyone wanted cutart but no one was willing to give it up. Then Wizard came out with a zilloin new cutarts. Which filled most users needs. (good job Wizard) But I would be game to try again.
be happy to contibubte
Wow, there's a lot of interest out there. I've already set up a couple ways to do this, and I'm testing them to see which is the most practical. The first thought was to use an FTP site, which I set up. I realized this may be too confusing for some, so we're favoring either:

A) A forum like this one (either on TFG or on its own) for posting the files as attachments to messages. (already done, but I dont want to compete with TFG so it may never happen)

B) Emailing them here, and i'll put them up on a special web page that everyone can download from within 12 hours of receipt. (probably on the GFAQ page)

How do you think we should do this?

I'd be keen, perhaps if you were to use the Design forum for posting links/pictures as the topic is design related. Those of us that can save files to our own locations can easily add to this also.
Usually I work from cdr files (Corel) for the designs that I make up for the Gunnar, not sure about dxf.
Since you are offering the web space, using the design forum to post the design and a link to download it would be simple. Designs would have to be emailed to you first though. Or Framer may be coaxed to add a CMC design forum.

I have maybe two designs that others don't have and I think the big problem with Wizards shot at this was the same thing. More people wanted than "HAD".
Lance, Corel Draw can import and export dxf files. Corel is what I use to cut bunny rabbit mats and other shapes that people sometimes can't live without.

Jerry, I don't think The Grumble really has the capability of handling downloadable attachments. (BTW, I hope you had a nice birthday yesterday.)
It'll work through the Grumble if people just post it as a web link.

I did email Framer over the weekend and am awaiting a reply.

I think we can either do it through here, on my lil faq page, or both. I'll volunteer to host the files, or folks can post them on their own space and just link em to here. (as is done now for pictures, which doesn't put any burden on TFG's monthly bandwidth cap)


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Not to make this overly more complicated than it needs to be, I would recommend that you take a look at how other communities share user-generated content. Just posting designs in a forum is fine until you reach a certain point where it takes too long to "wade" through the designs to find what you're looking for.

A good example is WinAmp's site for downloading new skins. Sharing CMC cut files doesn't have to be nearly that elaborate, but it would be nice if they were catagorized and rated.

And Jerry really hit the nail on the head - I think you need to have something to encourage people to share their designs, and that's the tough part. The top 5% of Wizard's CAD users spend hours and hours on their designs and I doubt many of them would be willing to part with their hard work just for community recognition. Now if someone built a site where people could upload and get royalties for submissions, and downloaders are charged a nominal fee (like I think that would be a whole different ball game.
Good Suggestion Steve!
Just an update:

The library idea hasn't been forgotten, and will soon become a reality. Framer will be giving it a home here on the Grumble, during a very near future upgrade. With the LINK or /URL command, folks will be able to post files that are hosted on their own webspace - or they can email them to a special address; and i'll put em up in a place generously provided by Framer.

While the idea of a "commission system" sounds pretty cool, I sure as **** don't want to collect and distribute the monies or be involved with that kind of paperwork(tax?) headache :eek: I personally think the free exchange of ideas, tips, conversion help, and designs will do well here on the Grumble.

All formats and all CMCs will be able to share, although it'll be encouraged to use the .DXF format whenever possible - which everyone seems to have in common.

Look for an announcement soon

DXF is good.

I would also recommend that cut art files, like recipes, should be kitchen-tested before submission.

Too many patterns, that look really good on the screen, will send even a very fine CMC (like the Mat Maestro :rolleyes: ) into horrific spasms that will frighten customers and loosen the screws on the machine itself.
"I personally think the free exchange of ideas, tips, conversion help, and designs will do well here on the Grumble."

I couldn't agree more. I compete in lots of digital graphics forums. If im in the mood i'll put in lots of time and simply give away my artwork. I do it for reconition and fun. I don't get my cmc for another month, but I have already been playing with the CADD program that comes with it. I will submitt anything that I do for free. As long as everybody agrees to bow down and admitt that i'm simply the best. Ok thats it a little "over the top".

I really need to spend an evening and learn it. I tried converted our company logo to DXF (with CorelDraw 8), and it was less than a success. I tried from a high resolution GIF, and also from the original EPS format. It makes it to the Wizard cutting software, but seems to have many small angles/corners. We didn't try cutting it to see what would happen.

I haven't even tryied to convert anything yet and this is my first experiance with cadd (outside highschool). Check this out. Maybe an option!
That's a pretty slick program and the price is right. I'll give it a try when I get to the shop in about an hour.

Corel did work, but there were a lot of rough edges. This looks cleaner on the screen.
It did a MUCH better job than Corel, although the rounded edge of our logo was made of short straight lines. Once I figure out how to correct that, it'll be perfect.
Dani told me a long time ago that the best way to get the DXF to work in VCADD was to bring it in then retrace it using circles, lines and 3point arcs, but do it on another layer. Once you get the tracing done then you can delete the original DXF and finish with the other layer.

That said I haven't quite figured out how to actually do it. I have come along way from when, I first started with VCADD, the PPFA Chapters class that was taught by Brian Wolf helped out alot too.
Good! I just had that book marked. Untill I get to actually play with my Wizard I dont know what will work well with it. (Look at them "w"s) That does look sweet if you can scan an image and then convert it, then cut it. I can see me getting alot of use out of it.
Ok, short quick lesson:

Bring your DXF into CADD. Type "MGL" on the keyboard to bring up the Layer Manager. Scroll down until you see a layer that is empty (no title nor text next to the layer number). Double click on it to select it. Now you are set to draw in a blank layer.

Draw on top of the DXF drawing using 3pt Arcs and straight lines; you can even use SNAP to connect to the existing construction points. When you have finished drawing over the existing drawing....

Save the mat. Then Click Edit > Select > All (or SA). Click Modify > Copy > Linear Copy (or CO). Click File > New. Click Edit Paste and click to place. Remember to hit MGL and reselect the layer (double click) you were working on, and to save this new, clean version under a new file name.

Then, simply clean up the design. Connect items that weren't connected, adjust points between objects so the blade does not replunge (best to avoid anything over 6 degrees), etc.

It's great to have a Wizard "Wizard" here to offer assistance. I tried your advice and it made a big difference.

Thank you

PS for everyone:
Rather than waiting for the upgrade to the new software and forum, we can start sharing files now in THIS forum. I can move the posts to the new forum later. DXF format preferred, so everyone can import them into their specific CMC format. Other formats (such as Wizard ClipArt) are ok too, if that's all you have. If you don't have a place to host your file(s), feel free to email them to me and i'll gladly post the files with proper credit given to the uploader.

Let the trading begin

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Wanted to add... when you are in the MGL (Layer Manager), don't forget to R-click in the MGL box and UNSELECT "All Layer Edit". That way, when you select just your drawing (current layer) it will only copy that layer instead of all layers.

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I'd like to apologize for taking almost 6 months to get this off the ground, but I had some time today and set up a basic page to handle the sharing of these designs. If more than a few folks contribute "to the cause", i'll spend more time to improve the system.

Right now, there's a list of downloadable files (no password required) and a method to upload them to the webmaster (for review before posting).

This is up at

Ideally, it would be best to have the designs in the popular DXF format. Most CMC brands seem to be DXF friendly. However, the page will also accept designs in any other CMC native format. (Wizard CutArt, etc)

Before uploading, it would be great to include the contents (the clipart itself, and perhaps a small README FILE giving the author credit and mentioning any size limitations, etc) within a ZIP file. The ZIP file utility is available at and i'm available here if you have any questions.

Files can be posted anonymously, or you can choose to have your shop name/real name/grumble nickname posted.

Thanks in advance for making this great idea work.

It would be real nice to have a screen shot of these so you don't have to d/l them to even see what they look like. I have an awesome one to upload but I out right STOLE the design from a picture in the PPFA newsletter. Maybe I will send it anonymously.

Anyway I think this is a neat idea. Thanks tons. I’m sure this will lead to big things.
I'm sure we can include a small picture of each one to view before downloading.

Just as I thought everyone wants because they don't have to give. Type is cheap but a lot of time goes into vcadd and makes it hard to give away something that has a true value. I suggest you drop 5 or six things on there to get it started?
"Mr Computer Geek" hasn't had time to sit down and learn how to use it yet.

The only thing I did so far was our company logo. If you want that, no problem

I was able to "up-load" a very popular design for use with a High School graduation .... 11 small oval openings and a larger oval opening in the middle.
I would like to see the Marine Corps' globe and anchor and perhaps a Gunnery Sgt.'s chevron.
This sounds like a good idea ... let's jump in with designs. I also have a number of team logos designed, but fear the logo police ... The New York Yankee logo, for some reason, has been popular.

Thanks for being the first!

I'm still looking for software that will keep counters of how many people downloaded each file and will allow us to rate and make comments on each.

Yours is up.

Thanks again,