CMC arrived!!


MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Apr 28, 2002
Albuquerque, NM
Hallelujah! We're coming into the 21st century this week. The new CMC is up and running!

Question: How do you display the distintive mat samples? Counter space here is limited.
I've seen:

* Under glass on the counter
* One large frame with an array (n row,n columns) of various styles cut in it
* a number of wide single row frames (ie, three or four frames with a row of five openings each.) this is usually done allong the top of the display above the corner samples.
* A "book" of samples. This can take the form of a three ring binder with clear sleeves with a mat in each, A "pile" which is usually placed in an acrylic box of some sort, or under the counter to be pulled out when needed.

You can easily think of variations on the "book" of samples idea.

I actually have one of the old pattern catalogs that I use. Essentially a nice full color fold-up piece with the different openings in it.

Hey Wizard ... How about making one of those available with the machine?
Excellent Idea!!
I would start with the samples on your walls and
recut the mats with new designs from the Wizard
collection. You can't sell what they can't see.
That is a cool book. I won one at a show and gave it to a friend in the business. She uses it often. It came in especially handy on a multiple job where the customer wanted "something different" for his antique photos. He ended up spending close to $3,000.