CMC...11th hour question(s)


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Mar 4, 2003
Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
Well, grumblinos, in a few days my CMC is (finally) being delivered and set up. :D

I was just wondering if any of you experienced CMC'rs has any last minute suggestions about the actual set up (or anything else for that matter), about which a neo-phyte might not have thought. :eek:

Thank you.

- printmaker -
Could the supplier set it up for you. Ours did, I think. It was along time age. Anyway I don't remember our business doing it. They showed us how to use it, too.

It would save a lot of grief from now until forever.
Same here. Marvin Brecht, the president of Regal Crown Industries, flew out from Seattle and spent the morning setting up the machine and the afternoon showing me how to use it.

That was shortly before he and his company disappeared from the face of the earth. I'm surprized I wasn't questioned as a suspect.
Thank you...

I'd better reiterate that they are delivering and, indeed, setting up the machine.

They'll also be spending as much time as we need to teach us how to use the CMC.

While they're here, I'm sure there'll be things about which we should have inquired... this is what I was asking you wise folks.
I'd suggest setting it up as close to horizontal as your space will allow. Mine is at about a 30 degree angle and I never have problems with fallouts falling out and getting in the way of subsequent cuts.

Install the computer screen and keyboard within easy reach of the cutting head so that when it says "realign head" you don't have to get up to do that.

Make sure the owners' manual has pictures and diagrams in it. (Mine doesn't and they would be helpful.)

While your rep is there, ask about what repairs, replacements, and adjustments you might be expected to perform in the future and how to accomplish them. I go through a set of air bladders per year - I'm pretty good at replacing them now but the first time was traumatic.

I'll think of more after the 30 minute edit time has expired.

Ask about routine maintenance that you should be performing, such as cleaning and lubrication. The lubrication directions for my CMC are incomprehensible and, consequently, I think the machine is slowly destroying itself.
Get a notebook for each person learning to operate the machine, everyone should draw and make notes whenever it gets too much for them. Add a training session for yourselves about two or three days after the machine has been installed and bounce ideas off each other for solutions to potential problems, create a short quiz each to test the others. Maintain regular ideas sessions.
Importantly have a look to see where you think you might have trouble (if any) gaining access to areas you may need to service and the correct methods for doing so (i.e. remove this panel first etc...)
Double check that the environment is suitable.

Ask where the "ON" switch is.

Have fun with the machine, I look foward to hearing some positive comments about the machine!

Thank you for the gr8, common-sense ideas. This has been helpful!

I just got a phone call a few minutes ago; the beast will be delivered and set up in about an hour. The person who will actually train us will be here later on in the day.

I am fore-armed with my note pad, notes, and grumblino suggestions ... LET THE GAMES BEGIN. :D

Thank you all, again!

- printmaker -

p.s. The dealer is local, and (should be) available to us at any time afterward. If there are any other suggestions or caveats, feel free to fire away. ;)
Darn. I got here a little late. So, what kind didja get? If I'd been around a couple of days ago, I would have told you to make sure you have food and beverages and a clean change of clothes on hand. It might be so much fun you don't want to leave it for the first 48 hours or so. long has it been since his last post?

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