Cloudy glass


Grumbler in Training
Dec 17, 2000
Tuckerton NJ USA
I have some clear glass that has been stored in a
somewhat damp garage. The particular piece in question is Sandel. So its not a cheap brand.
Anyway, when I bring the glass in it is looks like
it has condensation on it. It is cloudy. However,
we cant seem to make it come clear. The cloudiness
stays, as if etched into the glass. Has anyone had
such a problem Any suggestions on how to make it
come clear.
Years ago we got some bad glass that was cloudy like you described. Throw it out. don't waste your time. Glass is cheaper than the time to deal with this or the chance of some bad glass going to the customers home.
Just wanted to thank you folks for your suggestions
I guess I will have to throw it all out. I stored
in my garage when we closed our store. We do very
little framing now, and what we do is usually with
non glare glass So the clear was left out in the
garage. Guess now it goes out in the garbage
thanks everyone.