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Vermont Hardwoods solid wood picture frame molding

For Sale: Closed my shop - equipment and inventory for sale

Jennifer Swan

Grumbler in Training
Jun 5, 2020
My shop has been closed since 2015 and equipment has been stored in my garage. Will not be reopening, so everything is for sale. Prices are negotiable - all offers considered!
Please contact me by email at lakestylelights@gmail.com 28F0B0CB-9409-4080-B40D-D5EC18F39484.jpeg 55DABCD0-A549-4D9B-9CF5-AE8C66B7924C.jpeg 53AA5C1A-E996-4960-8FD2-65653A4EDE0B.jpeg EB8CDB2B-029F-4856-8919-F18490131C4E.jpeg
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