clip for backloader mouldings

Bob Davidson

Grumbler in Training
Mar 11, 2004
I know I've asked before, and I just know someone out there has seen the clip I"m looking for. It fits in the back groove of a neilsen type aluminum backl;oader and has a small set screw to lock it into place. It's not AMS. I've seen it used on a 16 x 20 backloader and is used to string a wire across. Any help?
if you're refering to the kind that overhang to the inside of the frame, i think those are are called neilsen "omni-hangers". then there are those that are seated entirely within the channel----dunno what their name is, tho'.
thanks Dana, but I think the "hanger" you refer to is for an 11, 15, or 25 moulding. The clip I've seen is designed to fit the back loader moulding.
I believe it is a Canadian invention, just cant seem to locate a supplier