cleaning op-3 / which side faces art




do i clean op-3 with a half n half solution of water and mild detergent (such as Ivory dish soap? or what?) Or maybe its just a drop or two of soap and mostly water... Soft cloth of course.

and was there a final answer on which side this stuff faces the art?
I looked in the search feature and found info, but mostly babbling. unless i was reading too fast, then I am most apologetic
There is no front or back with OP-3.

Usually I just use one of those 3M Scotch Brite cleaning cloths, dedicated to that purpose and spritzed with a little distilled water.

If you call or email Cyro, they can send you some stickers with cleaning instructions for your customers.
There is a difference if you are using the A/R OP-3. It is labeled in the masking paper.