cleaning black mat board


Grumbler in Training
Jun 1, 2004
laredo tx
i know this is a topic for "search", but for some reason i can't get any results. search won't work, i always get the respose that there are no topics to be found. please someone, tell me how to make scratchy black alpha rag look fresh. thank you very much.
I don't nkow about the rest of us but I spritz the scuff with rubbing alcohol. Let it sit and soak in and dry. Scuffs tend to go away, and if not Oh well the mat was wasted anyways! Nothing ventured nothing gained right?

Good luck and welcome to the Grumble!
For light scuff marks I sometimes work them out by taking a 2" brush and brush the area - it sometimes blends the good mat with the scuff area too. I have one brush for light colors and one for dark colors, for obvious reasons.

For more involved scuff marks, I take a paper towel moistened well with water and moisten the area. After the area dries, it usually looks just fine - otherwise, it's trashed. I wouldn't use paper towel on dark colors because you don't want towel residue.....perhaps you have a piece of cloth you could use on dark colors.

If it's dirt scuff marks I use the eraser cleaner - mine has the name rubbed off, but it is carmel in color - may be also called a gum eraser, but not sure.

Hope this helps......