Classic Imports Fillet


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May 31, 2004
Hello All,

I have a fillet sample and need to order lengh.

Classic Imports A9351-1263. It's a gold dental design.

Does this company still exist?

What is a gold dental design...I have not heard of that and could learn something today.

I have never heard of Classic Imports, of course that means nothing.

Can you include a picture. I'm sure some could suggest a substitute for this item
Welcome to the G David!

froptop, Could you at least describe what you mean by dental design? I know what dental moulding is when doing say crown mouldign in a house. I'd say small squares spaced evenly along the length so they look like "teeth." Is that what you mean? Of course, now that I've typed that I can't think of any fillets I've seen like that ... oh well ... anyone else?
Thank you one and all

FYI, I found out in the last hour that Classic Imports was taken over by Quadrant Moulding, who does have the fillet I need!

The "Dentil" work on Caryatid porch from ancient Athens, Greece has Ionic dentils [the blocks in the middle.].

You're welcome PL. Of course, this is opposed to Gold dentil work in my mouth.. as in overlay, or crown.
I think the dentil style that froptop is looking for is more towards the rectangular dentil found in many styles of early American architecture and furniture.

Dentil refers to the row of rectangular blocks found under the cornices of certain types of early American architecture and also in the trim work on many hand built pieces of furniture. It does vaguely resemble a row of teeth, I suppose, with every other one missing.

The dentil pattern is also used in moulding designs and fillets such as froptop is asking about.

Nurre has a fillet in Neoclassics that looks like that, It comes in a classic gold leaf. The profile number is 63001. Hope it works
Sorry, I forgot to put the image bracketing in....

here is the picture

Framerguy, you're right, and they ripped that off from the Dentil that was on the Greek Revival, which ripped it from the . . . .

Long story short; Dentil moulding has been around since Masidonia and a little guy named Alexander the great..... about 350BC, it was also appearing among the newer buildings in Athens, predominately among the educated or Ionic areas.
Macedonia??? Why, I thought that was the last thought that goes through a knights head when he is hit with a large heavy bludgen...

Mace don ia. . .

At least I got Alex rigth. :D
Oh I love my fellow grumblers.....

I see you've been busy in my absence discussing the finer points of dental, or is it dentil, moulding, or is it molding?

I googled both and......

DentIL moulding (molding?) has 138,000 references while DentAL moulding (molding?) has a whopping 1,370,000!!

No matter because according to the Architecture Dictionary, it's - drumroll please - Dentil! from the latin, dentes, meaning teeth.

Baer's spelling was correct. I always knew I was a lousy speller but what's up with the other 1,370,000 out there?

and speaking of spelling, Trapper, it's Baer, not Bare. Unless, of course, he is.....
Dentil is architectural
Dental is dentistry

Molding is shaping or rotting
Moulding is expensive

Tendon is body part
Tenon is furniture part

Bear is animal
Bare is hospital regulation
Baer is me.

end of class.
Best post by Baer - see above.

Short, sweet, to the point, and all is spelled just right.

It's a little spooky in all it's goodness!

Nice, one, bro!
Nothing about framing is black or white but rather a shade of gray, or is it grey?

Bear, Of course I would Never peak. I'm a happily married woman...

Framerguy, funny how your description, above all the rest, sounded just like what I was looking for!