classes you would take


CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Oct 20, 2003
Northeast US
I wish Jim Miller was teaching object mounting at NY expo this year. Also, I'd love to take a mat decoration and french lining class. Maybe these will be offered next year. (hint hint)
The donut master at Voodoo Donuts just started a
class teaching Swahili on Monday nights at 9PM, before they open at 10PM. Yes, they are open only in the dark hours 10PM till 10AM. Their business licence is half price.....

So anyway, I want to brush up on my Swahili and maybe a donut or two. Class is free, donuts are another story.

Now if I could just find a Amaslan class too.... :D
I want to learn some kind of trick that will get people to actually come in the store, instead of just walking by.

Otherwise, I usually take classes or go to seminars on things I don't think I am interested in. Usually, there is a lot to learn, and it turns out interesting after all.
Originally posted by framanista:
I wish Jim Miller was teaching object mounting at NY expo this year...
Sorry, but that isn't in their schedule.

However, if Philadelphia isn't too far away for you, it will probably be at the East Coast Art & Frame Show in June (I think).

You should be able to find a good mat decorating class at any of the shows that have a full complement of classes.