Classes at the expo

Jay H

PFG, Picture Framing God
Dec 8, 2003
Ok I just printed my Décor expo schedule of classes. I thought I was going to miss the classes while waiting to download the thing. It is 15 pages and they choose to make it a PDF file. WHY WHY WHY? Its about 90% text and would open in about 3 minutes if it were a regular webpage with text and 1 megs worth of images. But noooooo lets make it a PDF (20 megs). When is the last time you have downloaded 20 megs on dialup?

Oh well the good news is that I got the list printed and there is so many classes so little time. I think I will get there Friday morning and leave late Saturday or Sunday morning. Is 4 classes too many? Is it possible (mentally physically) to take 2 back to back with half-hour between? I want to make sure I have time to tour the expo but I want to stay busy enough to not get caught up in some of the shenanigans of some OTHER FRAMERS? You know who you are! I have been to several trade show and I know these things are huge but this I the first framing show for me. Well at least the first for me as an adult. I remember dad dragging me to one as a youth and I swore I would never go to another again. Not only am I going, I'm paying hundreds of dollars, I don't have, to go. :rolleyes:
You won't regret the classes, Jay.

You didn't ask for a recommendation, so here it is: take at least one from Jim Miller (for technique,) one from Jay Goltz (for pricing) and maybe one from Greg Perkins or Nona Powers (for design.) That's not an exhaustive list - just ones I've had some recent experience with.

And any time you're not in a class or on the trade show floor, just go to the Omni Bar and watch for Bossy Ellen herding framers (and shooing everyone else out.)

You can sleep when you get home.
I'm with ya Jay!! WHY PDF (Perfectly Dreadfull Format)

It was a great idea that got so bloated.

I down loaded a set of plans for a Tabernacal frame from Russia. They were only 9 pages and it took me 14 minutes to down load on my 1.5 DSL (Does Sign Language).


Well I was going to ask for recommendations later. My wife is going so I was thinking about letting her take some of the design classes (she struggles) and I was going to stick with some more of the business ended stuff (I struggle). Then we can enlighten each other on the way home. It beats fighting doesn’t it?

There are several classes I was interested in. One was by some codger name Bob Barker or something. Anyway I think I'm going to take it and one of Goltz's. If I take a design/framing class I was looking at Kistlers. There was some conflict with Jim's classes but I can't recall what it is. Time or date or something.
Don't forget to look at classes by Bob Carter and Marc'll come away from both of these with lots and lots of great information.
I think that two classes back to back would be okay. In Vegas, I took a morning, afternoon and evening class - all were fantastic, but never again. I was exhausted.
Jay, you may be paying hundreds of dollars to go, but I think that trade shows and the education pay for themselves. I don't think that I have ever paid for a class that hasn't paid for itself with the ideas that I've brought home.
Jay - if your shop is reasonably well equipped, you can probably do the trade show floor in 1/2 a day. Find some new moulding vendors, pick up some goodies at the UMS booth and schmooze a bit with your current vendors.

I'd reccomend going to as many classes as you can afford. Save time for the after-show shenanigans with your favorite Grumblers.

Is Pamela going? If not, is someone stepping up to organize the PittyPats dinner??

"PittyPats".....nevermind I don't want to know. Just tell me when and where!
Well, I have tried about a hundred times to download the brochure and... no luck, Buck. I hope there are classes I might like. And maybe I will sign up someday....... sigh. Wonder if there will be a hardcopy brochure that we can actually, like, look at?
Well I'm sorry ellen if you haven't already started the download it won't be finished until after the classes are over. If you want me to fax it email me your fax number. Ill send it in the morning
Welllllll. Got a favorite place to stay down there? I just called to get my room and they rattled off this list of about 20 hotels ranging in price from 80$ to 199$. I have hard time deciding if I like the gold frame with or with out beads. How am I supposed to decide this on my own?
Jay, I'm so glad you asked. I can help you with this and you can thank me later.

There is a single-bedroom highrise condo that I think would suit you nicely. It is nestled among lush greenery and has a fantastic view from every window.

And here's why you're going to want to move fast on this: It's $100 for three nights or $250 for an entire week, in case you want to do a little shopping or take in a Braves game.

Here's a link to a picture if you'd like to have a look.
Mr. Eggers, your dry wit is hilarious. As usual, you've made my day.

Jay, choose the place closest to the convention center that is affordable to you. In Atlanta hotels as in framing, you get what you pay for -- in this case, it's location location location.

If you can get a room at the Omni or one of the other adjacent hotels, it's much faster and easier to walk across the street than to take that half-hour bus ride twice a day.

Sure, the rousing renditions of old campfire favorites on the bus are fun, but when you're spending what we're spending to go to that show, bus rides for an hour a day might not be the best use of your time.

After all, you wouldn't want to cut back your time at the Omni Bar Grumblers party, would you?
Thats all I needed thanks!

Jim not Ron!
hey jay, don't do what i did last year...not talking about having too many at the omni, but dont stay too far away from the convention. it is not fun to run around all day take classes be exhausted then have to hike back to your bed. plus if you are out real late the metro does stop around case you need to know

Hey Ron,

In case Jay does not take it I may be interested, is it on the MARTA route?
I believe the MARTA runs right under it - every 15 minutes.

I suspect that accounts for the very reasonable rates.
The view is breathtaking I bet you can see all around from there

But I'm sorry to have to tell you this. Apparently you Yankees can't tell the difference between a hotel and a tree stand. That’s obviously the latter! And what a fine one it is!
I'm famous for only have 1/2 hour between classes at the shows. Yes by the end of it I'm usually brain dead for a couple of days but the minute I sit down with all my notes and hand outs it all comes back. The pricing and business classes from Goltz, Bluestone and Carter are worth every penny and more. The other one you might consider is Rob Markoff's classes, I always come out there with more than a few ideas. For designing, Nona does a wonderful job with the color wheel and explaining it in a great format that's easy to understand and apply back at the design counter.

Finally, I'm coming to Atlanta this year for the first time and can't wait. Looking forward to meeting you.

Roxanne Langley
Langley House Gallery
I'm new at this Grumble stuff, But my husband and I always stay in alferetta. It's a very quite suburb of Atlanta with lots of nice resturants and malls. We've never had a problem with parking at the show ,so we just drive.
What is the Omni Bar Grumblers? I've been to the show a few times but have never taken classes or really gotten to know anybody. Catch me up.

Shenanigans! Thats what goes on there. Ohh yea I have heard all the stories. Nothing good goes on there. Its the devils workshop I tell you. The secret is out!

My class is over at 5:30. Ill be there around 7.
Jennifer, it's good that you're here now. By the time the Expo rolls around, you'll know which of us to avoid. The last time I went, I exchanged cell phone number ahead of time with a handful of people I wanted to be sure and meet.

On the last day, I got a call on the show floor from Merps Mom. She was very excited and said, "Meet us at the Decor booth at 12:30. We're going to meet Mar-SEE-ah for lunch."

"Great," I said, "Who the **** is Mar-SEE-ah?"

Having only seen her name in print, I thought Marcia was MAR-sha, and it WAS great to meet her.

I'm glad you didn't have any parking problems at the Expo, but I wouldn't count on that. Even if you drive - which I will never do again - I'd recommend leaving the car at the hotel and, if it's not within 100 yards or so, use the free shuttles in the morning and a cab at 1-2 a.m. when they kick us out of the Omni and the shuttles aren't running.

If you insist on parking at the Expo, do NOT let FramerGuy park your vehicle!
Aw, c'mon Ron, that lot was FREE!! The one up on the hill cost us $2.00 for the day and so what if my choice was a bit out off the beaten path to the Expo??

Just because we had to wade through that little bit of mud and climb 4 flights of temporary stairs that shook in the wind and then hike along the side of that railroad track, (it was hardly EVER used), I can't believe that you are still harboring ill feelings about my parking.

(Did you ever get a bill from the hotel about the inside parking that Mark talked me into trying to get out of paying?)

Oh, and don't allow FramerGuy to retrieve your vehicle from the hotel parking ramp, unless you enjoy seeing your picture on wanted posters at the post office.

I doubt I can ever stay at the Hilton - ANY Hilton - again.

By the time the Expo rolls around, you'll know which of us to avoid.
(I don't want to be TOO obvious, but you might be getting the idea. ;) )
<font size=1> I am feeling like I need a hug right now.</font>

Nothing good goes on there. Its the devils workshop I tell you
I thought what happened in Atlanta was supposed to stay in Atlanta! Well, since the word's out, I'll bring the laptop and camera. We'll get Ron to show us how to post pictures.(Ron will probably agree if we buy him drinks).
Place to stay in Atlanta - Kassandra's brother's house (FREE)

Drive in to downtown - not bad, but not great either. Parking wasn't bad last year, 8-10 bucks a day I think.

Brake job when the master cylinder died Sunday(just after writing the check for our new Wizard) PRICELESS

Our class schedule will be FULL this year. Looks like Kassandra will get there a day early (you guys treat her nice) and we'll kick it into gear with classes ALL DAY Friday/Saturday and Sunday a.m. Half hour breaks here and there, but we're free after hours - we'll find the Grumbler Bar this year.

See you in Atlanta

Tony & Kassandra
The Omni is a good place to sit down and discuss what you have been doing, why you are there, and what you plan to do with your new knowledge. If you get a chance it is good to hear from people all over and their take on everything first hand. It is only about a half a block away from the convention and as we get closer you will find out when everyone shall be meeting.

This time I might not need to beg for a free boss might be helping a few of us get down there.
Still think if I could get a good sponsor or three or four with nice gifts from lovely vendors I could persuade my wonderful fiancee' to get married a year I am not expensive, but a v-nailer, compressor, a wall cutter, and a few odds and ends and I could be the best spokes-married man anyone could ever wish hows abouts it? I could get married in someones booth...heck think of all the press and all the people going to the booth...I am not asking for much, but think of the return you could get. And who would not want to see a couple in love be married right there at the trade show?

had to try