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Jul 23, 2003
tyler, texas
Just realized i needed to do a new post on this I guess...I have 4 of the huge clamps for the corners.....but never can seem to get the corners lined up good....Dad can use a strap mount or the other thing that is like a really long threaded screw to work just fine....can these big corner clamps get out of alignment??? Pardon the terminology here....i just design and cut mats...Dad cuts the frames and assembles them
ran into aclamp/website this

uses 2 pipeclamps w/ a 'T' junction mounted on ply for stability...very slick idea...going to try it soooon. w.w.
Hi Bill,
Just visited the site you told me about.....haven't found exactly that particularposting yet....the address took me a little different way i think...but will keep looking.....gonna get my Dad turned onto this site...he'll love it.....he's the genius when it comes to all this stuff...a master of southern engineering ...but back to these huge clamps...can they get mis aligned??????
Sherry, I don't think any of us know what the huge clamps are that you're talking about.

It's unlikely that any professional framing vise is going to get "misaligned," but I have seen plenty of vises that are incapable of holding a good corner under any circumstances.
Here again is my misuse of the proper terminology....I have 4 (2 are Stanley) vises...that we should be able to lay the frame rails on...and as we tighten them...they make a lousy fit on the miters....we can take the same frame put a band clamp or the threaded clamp on and the miters match up great....I know these vises are question and I think you answered it with "plenty of vises that are incapable of holding a good corner under any circumstances". Thank you....gonna trash those things I think
If they are the heavy, cast-iron Stanley vises or similar, they should be fine. The only way I could imagine them going "out of alignment" would be if they had some dried glue on them that needed to be removed.

They are really meant to join one corner at a time - usually with glue and nails. Trying to arrange four of them to join all four corners at once would be tricky (though some have done it.)

Stanley also makes some lightweight corner vises for hobbyists that are inadequate for our purposes.
OK just solved the problem..its not the vises it is us!!!!!...On some of the moulding we have joined 4 at one time and had a nice fit...on other moulding..its been a pill...I'll tell Dad to stop trying to do that.....Thank you so much... and these are the really heavy cast iron ones too...again....many thanks
Originally posted by Ron Eggers:
Stanley also makes some lightweight corner vises for hobbyists that are inadequate for our purposes.
On the bright side, you simply can't beat Stanley's talking tape measures!!

What are you using to cut the miters? Maybe it's the cut, not the vise. Just another idea to check...

By the way, Tyler is not very far from Waxahachie...if you ever find yourself in this neck of the woods, come by for a visit!

[][/QUOTE]On the bright side, you simply can't beat Stanley's talking tape measures!!

I don't know how a talking measuring tape is going to handle my "plus a smidge", "a hair over", or "one mark more than".... ;) :D
I use four of the cast-iron 'Stanley' type vises mounted on adjustable oak rails. The set-up was here when I got this shop. I later found a very similar set-up here, on the Grumble, under 'homemade tools, etc."
It works very well, for me, with Maxim 1/15 glue. I glue and 'vise' all four corners at the same time. Fifteen minutes later, out of the vise and to a manual v-nailer. This inserts the v-nails very gently.
well Leslie, I think Ron has got me straightened out.......we've had success on some profiles by doing all four corners at once and others just wouldn't do it at all....but told Dad today lets do one at a time...You know I was in Waxahachie...lets was last year I think...there was a frame trade show going on and I went with my sister...she had to go back the next day and take her exam for CPF.....but might surprise you someday and appear..same hospitality for you if you are ever in Tyler....we do not have a retail storefront...just a big shop that we are trying to reorganize...if i could get rid of my Dad for a week....i could organize it glad to give you my cell phone if i can figure out how to get to your e mail address. Have you ever ordered from Wall Moulding??....they are such nice people
Sarah, going to see if i can find that set up in the search area....sounds here is the stupid question....what is a manual v nailer????? We have a Cassee....but it is sick and needs a doctor....gotta put a call into California and see if we can get the parts to fix it...I forget what is wrong..but we are going to try to get it up and running
and Leslie...forgot to tell you that it has happened with our chopper...but has also happened on stuff i have ordered pre chopped
Sherry, I think a prerequisite for the 4-vise setup on the homemade equipment forum might be to have four identical vices. Otherwise, you'd have to compensate for any minor differences in the heights of the vises.

Leslie's email address is or you can get it from her profile by clicking on the sunglasses at the top of her posts. Better call ahead for a visit. I drove through Waxahachie last spring yelling, "Leslie, where are you?" and never did find her.

A manual underpinner/v-nailer is one that doesn't use a compressor. It relies on "foot-power" or, sometimes, hand-power to insert the v-nails into the frame. Some people feel they get more control than they do with a pneumatic underpinner but, for old farts like me, it's too much work.

Here is a link to the original 4-vise post of the equipment forum. Unfortunately, the photo of the setup seems to have disappeared. The idiot who posted the photo may have deleted it from his server, though I can't imagine why. I'll investigate further.;f=10;t=000005;p=1

Edit: As I suspected, the photo is gone for good, unless I can find it on the hard drive of the computer I was using in 2001. (I think that would be the Kaypro 64.)

I'm sure there's a lesson here. I'll get back to you when I figure out what that might be.
Although Ron gave you a valid email for me, the one more active at the moment is My store is located in beautiful historic downtown Waxahachie, which is all of about 6 blocks square. No wonder Ron couldn't find it!! :D
Seriously, anytime you are in the area, give me a call (972)937-9345. The store is about 1/2 block off the SW corner of the courthouse square...
I can't make fun of Ron getting lost in should see some of the real tiny places I have gotten lost lost in a school parking lot one time......well it was a big school and at 6:30 in the morning was still dark....but thanks for the link....sounds interesting.....Dad tested your info on doing one corner at a time on a moulding that was giving us some problems and you were absolutely right...all 4 at the same time gave us a problem...but one at a time was perfect...and set is a Stanley set and the other set is something that is part of the problem too...thanks guys and gals