circular map of the world


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Jun 3, 2005
Bismarck ND
Recently I received a map of the world which is printed on both sides. It is approx 2 feet around and dated around 1941. The map also has markings on it of special locations for oil and minerals. I have not seen anything like it. A gentleman from MN that I have done previous framing for brought this to me and would like to have it framed so that he can see it from both sides. Does anybody have any suggestions or advice on how to go about framing this.

We have discussed a circular mat on both sides sandwiched between two pieces of glass and possibly finding an appropriate moulding for this type of setup.
Sounds like a neat speciman.

For weight reasons, I'd glaze it with at least one piece of plexiglas, using two would make it even lighter. And you might as well make it UF3, UF5 or OP3 while you're at it.

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Thanks, this is the first time Ive used this forum. A protective plexi sounds like a good Idea. Lighter is better, this will be a little bit bigger when done. Any suggestions on Mouldings that may have a centered rabbit or a way to finish the back side.


If no one comes up with a moulding idea, contact In-Line Ovals at They have a wonderful line of circles and ovals, plus they are really super to work with.
If you're thinking of a square frame, and want it finished on both sides, consider one of the stained glass moundings from a company like Evald Moulding.