chopper help PLEASE!!!!


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Jul 19, 2006
North GA
Anybody know why my guillotine chopper cuts some wood just fine and dandy but others like basic black I can’t get it stop chipping. The clay always splits or chips on the corner. Also the larger my frame the worse the corners are!?!? I never seem to be able to get a good clean corner from simple black moldings. I’m a newbie and can’t seem to figure this out. PLEASE HELP!
Happens to us all the time. There are two things that I do first put a piece of matboard on the back plate of the chopper it gives the blades something to chop into. If that doesnt work chop almost to the back of the moulding stop about a 1/16 of an inch and then snap the moulding apart. Another tip for the black moulding is that I use Kiwi black liquid shoe polish instead of black marker to mark the moulding. It doesnt leave that purplish line like a marker does. Hope this helps!!!!!!!!
Mine does the same thing. Sometimes I'll cut the moulding anywhere from 1/8 to 1/4 inch longer and then shave off the remaining amount, and the shaving seems to minimize the chipping... but this doesn't work all the time. Another thing I do if it's really bad and I'm about to throw the chopper out the window, is just cut the thing 1/8 bigger, and use my mitre tru sander and sand that eighth off... a real arm buster, but it's better than that enormous chunk ripped out of the back of the frame!!!
Wizsteve Is being modest!

I tried his silicone suggestion and EVERY moulding since then has chopped like a dream.

Also, make sure the blades are PERFECTLY aligned, if not this will give you an ugly chip out at the bottom of most frames.
thanks but i'm a little confused. so i get some silicone cauk and run a bead in the gap on the fence right?
Do this just before closing....

Use framers silicone NOT CAULK, (our sponsor sells it I think) fill the gap along the fence where the blades go into the fence when they are fully extended (vertically). Completely fill it and let cure overnight.

Tomorrow morning take a new razor and shave off any silicone that protrudes from the gap.

Your first cut I would do with a scrap piece of moulding.

It gives back suport to the moulding and is pliable enough for the chopper blades to go through without damaging them.
Whoops... I tried silicone caulk and could not figure out where I had gone wrong. Thanks for helping me see the errors of my way.

I wonder if I can get some at the hardware store in the morning?