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Chopper Blades


Jan 10, 2008
Used chopper blades for picture framing chopper - $150.

We owned and operated several custom framing stores and these blades were being used on the chopper when a store was closed/sold. We have several sets of blades we are selling, the photos and details here pertain to a specific set – the ‘newest’ set we have.

New blades cost $345. These are NOT new. The price reflects our desire to sell them quickly.

This pair is:


Approximately 78 mm overall blade width

Approximately 30 mm steel cutting edge

Definitely need sharpening

Info. from Dan-List indicates their brand new Morso blades are 78 mm. So, these may have never been sharpened after initial service.

These blades were very rusty (they were hidden down in a box of other stuff) – we soaked them in WD-40 and steel wooled all the rust off. For some reason, the pointed end of the blades (away from the main cutting end) has been ground off on both blades as can be seen in the photos.

Blades weigh about 4 pounds, add another couple of pounds for packaging and you can estimate shipping at 6 pounds from 76140. We will ship UPS or USPS.

We have 16 other pairs of blades ranging from about 56mm to 68mm, priced from $50 to $75. Several sets are Morso, the others are (I assume) Jyden (we had only Morso and Jyden machines in our stores) – they have ‘Denmark’ engraved on them, but only the Morso blades have a brand name engraved.

ChopperBlades78a.jpg ChopperBlades78b.jpg ChopperBlades78a.jpg ChopperBlades78b.jpg


PFG, Picture Framing God
Forum Donor
Jan 27, 2010
Any morso blades left for sale?
I have a number of Morso blades for sale.
Most of them are knockoffs, but one set is genuine Morso.
They are all in special wooden shipping boxes.
I will post pictures tomorrow so you can see.
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