Chop Xpress database


True Grumbler
Feb 23, 2002
We started using Ezframer software for our pos. but can't seem to get chop express to give up their database for pricing. Does anyone out there have it? Maybe they need to know it's now the 21st century!
About two or three years ago, we received a notice that there would be a price increase January 1st. A few months later when they didn't have new pricing printed - and because of quality issues - we took their samples off the wall. They couldn't seem to understand that we needed to know what our price was in order to price the moulding for the customer. We couldn't even get an updated catalogue. Good luck with a database.

Our Lifesaver database lists Chop Express as an electronically available vendor (~1484 mouldings). The database IS out there...

One place to start might be with your POS vendor, asking them to contact the moulding company to request the info. The price databases are generally distributed from the moulding companies to the pos vendors, then from there to the customers. Maybe it's a case of going through these channels so they (CE) can minimize conversion and data processing support issues.


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I contacted Frank ( the owner )at ezframer and they were trying to get a copy of the database from Chop Xpress. Chop Xpress keeps saying that they will update the database in about three months. I talked to their manager directly! No one seems to have any database on this product line.