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Apr 1, 2005
Maple Valley, Wa
I found this and just really wanted your opinion on it. Just check this out and let me know what you think.
I am dumbfounded myself!

this guy wants your opinions, think we should give them? lol

elsa I know several others here have seen this device demonstated.It produces those very cheap, thin ,plastic frame like enclosures that you find glued to a glass in discount stores. It has ( as I remeber it) a large leverlike guilloteen that cuts a pie shaped wedge from a continious strip of plasic channeling.You cut a wedge at the distance of each side and then fold the channel around a glass to form a boarder that resembles a frame.It is very similar in size and compostion to those plastic Filets that we used to see. It isn't new at all and produces a very inferior encloser that I don't even think the discount stores can sell with cheap paper prints in them.
This guy gives me the impression he is trying to say he discovered a new innovative framing method.When really what he is trying to sell is a system that no one wants.
This is the bit I like, "staples, or glue to make frames that look as good as or better than frames made by professionals."
He must be producing this stuff for people with guide dogs and white sticks.
Will give him my opinion.

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That statement that Mick quoted is a tad unfortunate, but I'm sure there's a market for this product.

Let's face it, folks, we're not doing such a hot job of reaching the majority of consumers and most of us, myself included, having been pretty smug about it.
These actually look pretty decent. For someone who wants a nice look for cheap, it's not a bad choice. I would be sure to tell the customer that it is irreversible, and should not be used on anything that they want to look at more than a few years, but beyond that, why not?

Plenty of these come in with broken glass. I have had to show the hot glue on the back to the customer, and tell them that I MIGHT be able to get it apart without damaging the picture, but that I would not be able to put the frame back together after. If they really liked the picture, they would spring for a new frame.

But really, the foldamolding is part of disposable culture. Hang it on the wall until it fades, then toss it and get another one. It's not about fine art, it's about pretty walls.
This type of "framing" was done by the company that installed our fire and burglary alarm systems for the instructions posted next to the back room panel. Works fine for that.
See now, David, I would expect you would have solid cherry frames on those things.
Ron, just think before you try to burn the scraps.

Another inventive,disappointed in the framing price, artist.
They'll probably make millions.
About once a year, just about everyone has at least one great money making idea. Less than one half of one percent of those people ( that's all of us ) will actually act on that idea.

Based on that concept alone, we must give this fellow credit for acting on his idea. Although I do not believe it's an original idea, at least he is trying, so give him credit.

Personally, as a long time picture framer, I am unimpressed, but I do admire his gumption.