Cheap, just throw a frame on it design



OK! This may not be really that good but those were my instructions. Just a cheap flag from the Shell Oil's Wonderful World of Golf Tournament. It signed by the two Captain Players. I refused the cheap instructions and played with the new mat cutter's clip art. I also use a pole that goes through the frame into the flag. See it sticking out the bottom. It's also 1 1/4 inch deep shadow boxed and the flag is floated 1/2 inch off the back. The flag is sew with very fine mono filiment line to 4ply rag backing at 6 points. I drilled holes in the rag for the thread to pass. I left the natural wave in the flag.


I sent them a $700.00 bill for it, we'll see!


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A golfer will do it! Man, y'all have so much more chutzpah than I. Only once did I do the work without an estimate given: that cured me! And it wasn't even that much, but the reaction did me in. :)

Cool stuff, Bill, and maybe more coming now that you have such good help?
Cool! What's the brown thing in the lower left corner? Looks like a bear??? Obviously, I'm not a golfer. Kit
Nice job, Framer. I especially like the pole sticking out of the frame -- it brings the flag out of the frame and into "real" airspace.

Have you framed golf balls? We do several dozen of them every year for a local retailer of golf gifts. One of these days I'll share the mount we use.
The pole sticking out was the thing I best liked about it. Anyone with a CMC could come up with something similar but the idea to include some of the pole was why I posted it. It comes out the bottom about 6 - 7 inches and can be removed.

The owner of the country club was floored when he saw it, I've been told. We'll see how floored he gets when he sees the bill from Bill.

Share your secret on golf ball mounting, please! Inquiring minds want to know. I've tried several different methods, but have yet to be REAL comfortable with any of them.

Thanks in advance.
Janet, here's a golf ball mounting method I've used with good results that allows maximum viewing of the ball (the ones I do are often autographed). Get a tee from the country club, they often have the name of the course on the shaft, and use it for your mount. Using silicon, glue the tee to the ball, then glue the tee in a hole drilled into the inside bottom rail of the frame.

Framer, good job! I frame my fair share of pin flags and your presentation is truly inspired. Good luck with the bill, Bill.
And then make sure you "kiss" the golf ball with the glass. Likely as not, that danged ball will loosen on you at some point. Experience speaks. :)
That brown thing is a golf bag. I hope others see that.framer

. . . and here I was wondering what the heck is a badly done bear thats waving have anything to do with golf.... Isn't he called "The Shark".... or are we talking about Arnie Palmer? :D
Remember this was done in mid 2001 with a new Wizard 5000.

It was Wizard teddy bear, wooppps, I mean golf bag. Tough crowd.

Nice use of Creative License!