Chat AA

I can't key fast enough to chat. I have to discuss, instead.
On top of the fact I can't even keep my wife interested in conversations we have.

I talk to myself a lot.
For htose of you hwo fear not ytping well enough to aprticipate in the hcat room, have no fear. I nkow how to spell but my fingers ytpe faster than my brain. odn't let it intimidate oyu.
I'm addicted too. I havent signed off since January!
Speaking of installations, could one of you Seattle-area Grumblers check on Frank Larson?

He hasn't been heard of here for quite a while.
Frank has a steady job! He went to work or became a partner with a lady designer, he is hanging lots of drapes! Maybe pictures too.....

Hi Harry and Frop

It's at (or click on the banner at the top of the grumble's main page)

What kind of problem are you having? It should just be a matter of clicking on it, waiting for it to load (can take up to 30 seconds if on dialup), entering your nickname, and hit CONNECT.

If there's a problem feel free to contact me here or by email and i'll be glad to help