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Apr 12, 2001
Destin, Florida
I was sent an email containing some proofs of my new logo and they were attached to the email as .PDF files. They open fine in Acrobat reader but I can't seem to save them in any other file format like .jpg or .gif.

Anybody have an idea how to convert these files to something that I can use in PhotoShop 7.0?? I want to make sure that it can be resized and modified, if needed, before I approve one of the proofs. The lady who designed it for me is going to handle my advertising here in FWB so I have no plans of ripping her off with this. I simply want to ensure that it will be something that I can modify to use with business cards, envelopes, stationery letterheads, etc. and can add layers to it to personalize the logo for different seasons, holidays, and such.

PhotoShop uses a file format that is their own but can import most all types of image files with the exception of .PDF. And you can save any image to whatever format you desire from PS 7 and even convert it to .PDF. I just don't know how to "unconvert" the file if needed.

Unless you have the full version of Adobe Acrobat (IE the version that lets you create PDF's, aka the expensive one not the free one) I am pretty sure you are out of luck. PDF is a Printed Document Format and is much less memory intensive it converts pictures and everything to a easily printable format with a much much smaller file size.
If you know somebody that has access to the full version (Like me) you could email the PDF and they may be able to extract the image from the PDF and save it as a jpg. Maybe your new friend framenfreak can do it for you, at least it would be cheap!
I have the full version of Adobe Acrobat (not the reader) on my computer at home. I can't imagine why, but it's there. It came with a bunch of other stuff I don't use, like PageMaker and Illustrator.

When I get home - which better be pretty soon since I'm "off" today - I'll check and see if it can export files in another format. If it does, maybe we can work something out.
Hey, I'm home now. Yup, takin' the rest of the day off. The charcoal's lit, the burgers are thawing (I hope) and I'm looking at Adobe Acrobat version 4.0.

Life just don't get no better than that!

The 'save as' command doesn't help. The 'export' command doesn't help either. There IS a 'save to clipboard' command that works, if the file isn't too big. Then you can paste it anywhere. Probably even Photoshop.

I'll look at Acrobat Reader and see if the clipboard thingy works in there. Otherwise, I figure I still owe you, since you let me sleep on your floor for about 15 minutes on the way to Atlanta (so I could drive for another 15 hours straight.)
Burgers are still thawing. Might have to have brats, which are real good frozen.

There's no 'copy to clipboard' command in the Acrobat Reader, but, under 'edit' there's a 'select all' command. If you follow that with the 'copy' command - guess what? - it puts the document in your clipboard. From there you can paste it into another program (maybe Photoshop.)

I only tried this with text documents - not graphics - so you're going to have to experiment.

If you haven't already tried.....

Shift-Rightclick the pdf, select "Open with" and then select Photoshop. I didn't know it would work, but just tried it with an advertising image file sent to me as a pdf and Photoshop 7.0 opened it without a hitch and in the original 300 dpi resolution.

If it opens, your in business. If not, send it to me or someone else for conversion.
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I can't imagine that the logo was created in Acrobat, so my suggestion is to ask the creator to send it to you in the original format, or create a tif for you.

BTW, pdf stands for Portable Document Format.
Originally posted by David N Waldmann:

BTW, pdf stands for Portable Document Format.
Yeah, yeah I know Printed, Portable it starts with "P"
I just checked - you can convert PDF files to jpeg, eps, tif, etc with Acrobat. The files are relatively big though - I tried a 12 page document that was 604KB in PDF, and it created a total of 2810KB as jpg files, and they don't have nearly the quality of the original.

I say again - your best bet is to try and get either the original format it was created in, or a graphic format created by the original application. IMHO tiff would be best, followed by gif (assuming there's only a few colors) and jpeg last.
Well, guys, there's an even easier answer than all the good suggestions made up to now. And those of you who use PS 7 are gonna say the same thing I said when I finally saw the answer.

In "Import" there is a selection for "import a PDF file". Simple, eh??

Yeah, I said the same thing ................. "DUH!!!"

From PS7 - file open works for me? why import?