CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Sep 18, 2002
Huntington Beach, CA
I have 4 Flags, flew over the big forest fires last Novemeber (CA), each one has a 8 1/2 x 11" certification of authenticity. These are for the city Fire Department. I already completed one, which was donated to our Congressmen and has been hung in City Hall. (this one used a plack)

I want to mount the certifications on a black mat board with 1/8" extending around the edges, like a frame. I have decided to use corner pockets (larger ones?) with plastic, slightly thicker then mylar, to cover/hold the certification in place...problem.

Works great until you tilt the face of the mounting down and then everything wants to fall out of the pockets.

I tired to use mylar, in place of the pockets, to cover the whole thing buy alas, it just doesn't work well for me?

Jim, where are you when I need you the most? We didn't cover this in class ;)

Happy TAX day (ouch)
HI Cliffie,

Why not try encapsulation of the certs??

Fold the Mylar so that the adhesive is attaching the flaps at the rear of the encapsulation.

Then you can attach the back of the Mylar encapsulation to the float mount with your choice of adhesives and smile all the way to the bank!! :cool:



That was a bit of a quick reply, Cliffie. Let me 'splain a little more in depth.

Cut a sheet of Mylar about 2" larger than the dimensions of the certificates. This will give you enough for a 1" flap on each side of the Mylar sheet. I would cut out the corners so the flaps wouldn't overlap each other. You would then fold the 4 flaps about an inch wide towards the back of the Mylar sheet and cut another Mylar sheet to fit inside of these flaps. Use your encapsulating tape along the edges of each flap to fasten them down to the insert on the back side of the encapsulation.

THEN you can adhere the entire encapsulation down to your backing board!

Is that a bit clearer?
At your service, Cliffton!

You can wrap the sheet of paper in clear film, similar to the way the playing cards shown in class were mounted...remember those "Wrap Mounts"?

1. Cut the clear film about 1" larger than the paper on all sides.

2. Lay the clear film on the table, centered over the paper. Carefully trim away the corners of the film at 45 degree angles, coming as close as possible to the corners of the paper -- but be careful not to cut the paper, of course. The clear film should look like a rectangular octagon after trimming.

3. Remembering to keep the curvature of the film down, fold the clear film to fit snugly on the paper, leaving beveled flaps on the back of it.

4. Apply your 3M #889 double-sided tape to the flaps and stick them to an undersized mount board. NOTE: The tape does not contact the paper -- only the clear film and the mount board.

If that doesn't make sense, let me know & I'll email you a quick drawing. It's simpler than it sounds...probably a 3 minute mount.
Yeah, what Jim said!

Thanks Tom and Jim.

I'll give it a try today.

The problem I had was getting a good fit around the certificate?

The certificate is very light weight paper and I do want to keep a nice boarder, 1/8-3/16" boarder around the document so don't want it moving around too much.

Thanks to the both of you.