CD-RW software interchangeability ??

Rick Bergeron - CPF

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Aug 18, 1999
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We have 2 CD-RW drives... the first is an HP USB and the second is a Polaroid internal. HP comes with DirectCD software and Polaroid comes with NTI software. Maybe it's just me, but the DirectCD software is much more friendly and allows me to to things with the CDs that the NTI software will not do. DirectCD behaves like another harddrive. NTI is a PIA.

Since the final recorded CD is readable in all drives, why can't the DirectCD software be used on the Polaroid CD burner? The one feature that I regularly use is being able to add files to a closed CD using the DirectCD software, even though it wastes more CD space. I can't do that on an NTI burned CD.

Is this a case of brain fart or short circuit between the ears? Someone out there must have a workable solution.

Hi Rick,

Generally, all software is interchangeable with multiple drives. Have you tried to see if the software recognizes the other drive, or gives you the option to select which drive is the "destination"?

If it doesnt "see" your other drive, you probably need to get a newer version that has support for your other unit. The companies periodically release updates to accomodate newly released drives. Chances are this was a scaled down version that came with your drive, and only supports units made on or before that date; or a specific drive. They sell an upgraded version that should work with both drives at (downloadable online with 30 day free trial, $69.99 afterwards a/r)

Nero and CDRWin are the two I use most often. CloneCD, Fireburner, Easy CD Creator/DirectCD(by Roxio, formerly Adaptec) are also popular. I believe the Roxio product is licensed by Microsoft and is BUILT IN to Windows XP.

Some programs allow you to leave the session open as you said, while others like to finalize the session and make it perm. Until finalized, it may not be readable on most other machines.

You would probably also like the Nero product, which is very similar. downloadable demo at and costs the same.

I hope this is helpful info,