CCI Notes


CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Feb 23, 2004
Kennebunk, Maine
Hey all...

I'm studying for my CPF exam and just realized I'm missing a page in my CCI Notes book. Can anyone out there send me a copy of the missing page? CCI Notes 10/8 page 3, 4. Lemme know! Thanks!

...weird, I just looked out the window and there is a hummingbird, 2 chipmunks and woodchuck in one view... I'm waiting for Snow White to come whirling about...

Canine Companions for Independence

Christian Camping International

Corinthian Colleges, Inc.

Crown Castle International

Center for Cultural Interchange

Canadian Conservation Institute

Cardiovascular Credentialing International

To be on the safe side, Dermot, you should study ALL of these in preparation for your CPF exam.
Thanks Rebecca you know of the top of ytour head if they will send the notes to the likes of Ireland!!!
do not go to any trouble...I will have a better look tomorrow and try ordering..

......Ron you are a star.... what can I say :eek: ...I had covered everything ...some very good information to be gained ;) ....I had had a look at the Canadian Conservation Institute...I must have missed the part Rebecca gave the link for...
Kittyface ;
It's been a while since I took the CPF or even the RCPF exam. Are you saying that the PPFA even includes study material from the Canadian Conservation Institue?
I've heard that they try to consider other recoginized Industry sources in compiling their guidlines but I never realized they used consrvators and Canadians along with those in the US.
That kind of gives a good reference to the type of information the PPFA expects a framer to know. Doesn't it?
Hi Dermot -

I'm sure they will be more than happy to take your money and send you the notes :D .

Don't feel bad about missing the notes part - personally, I think navigating that site is pretty unwieldy.

The notes really are quite good.

OK Rebecca

I ordered the complete set of CCI notes (it looks like there is some very good stuff in the set of notes) and a few other bits and bobs….possible an over kill at present….but where I hope to drive my business and career….they won’t go astray……

I hope the order will be completed (take)….I have found in the past that when I try to order stuff online from the US in general the orders fail…..I know I spent the best part of a day recently trying to order the PFM (Picture Framing Magazine)……I could not get the order to take….I gave up in frustration…..that was about the fourth time in as many years I had tried to order the PFM…(I even put an order on with PFM at a show in the US one time it never took!!!) I’m only using the PFM as an example here…this difficulty arises with other online shopping…

Anyway let’s see how the CCI gets along…..

Thanks again for the link…..
The CCI Notes are pretty interesting. This particular section of notes covers information on framing paintings... the part I just read gets more specific about RH and allowances than the other materials have so far.

I've enjoyed reading all the recommended material for the CPF exam... you learn so much and it's a great library to have on-hand. I love that about framing... it's not a dead-end job... you can know a lot, but not everything. I love learning something new everyday.
I just wanted to let others know who may need the framing part of the CCI notes for there CPF exam that they can be ordered from the PPFA as well as from the CCI in Canada……you only need the relevant framing parts of the notes for the CPF exam….I ordered the full set of notes as I feel that they would make a useful addition to my library of framing and preservation information……